Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider Trophy Guide 1

Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider Trophy Guide

At 14 trophies, Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider basically removes the fat, and asks players to do everything without many rewards along the way. It’s an interesting tactic, one that kind of works given the game’s length, though that isn’t to say it’s an easy experience. Thankfully, we were able to overcome the challenges so you don’t need to waste time trying things out.

Basic Information

While it would be great to finish everything in a single go, it’s honestly easier to finish every level, and then return with every chip/power. Not to mention, if you beat every stage without a failure, it’s only an additional hour of playtime. This is a small ask, but one that will vastly increase your enjoyment.

How to Use This Guide

Since several trophies are story related, they’re excluded for simplicity. If you do find yourself struggling with any stage, please see Perfect Rank for a video guide for each stage.

Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider Trophy Guide

No Damage
Beat an entire stage without taking damage

There is no easier stage to do this on than the first. Not only are there few mechanics, it’s quick enough to try again. The basic idea is to memorize every enemy spawn, equip Soul Eater and use Photondash, or Darkportal to kill every enemy. With Soul Eater you should always have MP, with both bosses have a MP refill right before their arena. The other thing that makes this tactic so useful is well timed attacks completely eliminate their threat. If done correctly, the last boss should only be able to attack twice, with neither being full attacks.

Outside of that, we made a brief guide showing how to approach this stage.

Perfect Rank
Finish every level with an S rank

Achieving S rank sounds a lot harder than it actually is. All you need to do is finish a level quickly, while killing most enemies, without dying along the way. I suggest utilizing the same core tactic as No Damage, though if you’d like additional insight, you can find our full guide here.

If you don’t need additional insight, the video above gives you an idea of what an S rank run looks like. The video is ordered with the first, and last two in their intended spots, with the remaining seven stages being in order of difficulty.

00:00 – Bioweapon Lab
03:52 – Fallen City
09:04 – Asura’s Fleet
16:52 – Iwondonilo City
25:25 – Desalination Facility
32:53 – Lost Ruins
39:42 – Laser Research Base
48:10 – Duas Space Elevator
56:47 – Penralese Space Station
01:00:00 – Ending

Chip Finder
Find all the chips

Most of the chips are pretty easy to find, though a few might catch you off guard. While we wrote a more expansive guide if you need it, the video below should be enough to find them all.

Bioweapon Lab
0:00 – MP Regen Chip

Lost Ruins
00:29 – Acrobat Chip
00:50 – Akujiki Chip

Laser Research Base
02:06 – Glass Cannon Chip
02:38 – HP Regen Chip

Fallen City
03:26 – Bloodlust Chip

Desalination Facility
03:51 – Chameleon Chip
04:14 – Long Sword Chip

Iwondonilo City
04:34 – Detective Chip

Asura’s Fleet
04:50 – Reborn Chip
05:08 – Soul Eater Chip

Game Over
05:26 – Armor Chip

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