Destiny 2 Unlocks All Non-Raid Mods for Players; Other Quality of Life Improvements Added

Destiny 2 Unlocks All Non-Raid Mods for Players; Other Quality of Life Improvements Added

In a surprise move, Bungie announced every standard armor mod will be unlocked all Destiny 2 players. This means every mod, besides those found in the raid, or via the seasonal artifact, will be available for all players to use.

This addresses one of the biggest complaints for new, and less active players, as it eliminates the need to visit ADA-1 and purchase mods from her rotating selection. Players report doing so will unlock the mod in your collection, which grants access to certain API benefits, like load outs, through sites like Destiny Item Manager.

The reason for the change is due to “big changes” coming with the upcoming expansion, Lightfall. Players have expected something big to happen, as non-seasonal, or raid mods have not been added for multiple seasons, though no further details are available at this time.

In addition to giving players greater access to mods, Bungie addressed another major concern, focus cost. Starting next week Trials of Osiris, Iron Banner, Crucible, and Gambit weapons/armor will only cost 25 Legendary Shards to focus. Adept weapons focus cost will also be reduced to 50. Not only does this make it easier to obtain specific weapons, it addresses ongoing complaints that newcomers being priced out of the market.

Finally, Grandmaster Nightfalls start on Jan. 17. Supposedly the power cap, and structure, will be more approachable, another potentially positive change for Destiny 2. As of now, players have noticed Grandmasters were reduced from 1,630, to a more manageable 1,620. Further details on other Grandmaster changes, along with potentially some of the other things mentioned, will be explained in a post later today.

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