Bungie Reveals First Details on Destiny 2: Lightfall, this Season and More 111

Bungie Reveals First Details on Destiny 2: Lightfall, this Season and More

Bungie revealed a number of exciting things at their showcase, including a first look at Destiny 2: Lightfall, this season, a collaboration and much more.

As previously revealed, the next major Destiny 2 expansion will be Lightfall. It will take place on Neptune, which includes a new destination called Neomuna. The new location was untouched by the Collapse, resulting in it being a prosperous city filled with pristine buildings and bright neon lights.

There we will be fighting against Emperor Calus and find new places, experiences and even meet new characters, such as the Cloud Striders, a group described as “superhuman heroes” that are the Neptunians’ last line of defense.

Along with a new location, Guardians will gain another Darkness-based subclass, Strand. Details about the subclasses are limited, but they’re about controlling your surrounding and manipulating enemies. It will be interesting to see how this all comes together as more details are revealed.

As a final note, preorders are open for Destiny 2: Lightfall. Similar to Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, there are three different editions. Standard gives the expansion, season 20 and preordering gives instant access to an emblem and ghost. Above that is the Annual Pass edition, which gives seasons 20 – 24, access to Rahool’s secret stash once every season (upgrade items and an exotic cosmetic), the aforementioned ghost and emblem, along with a special emote and instant access to exotic auto rifle Quicksilver (it will be available to others later).

The final edition is the usual collector’s edition. It includes all the previously mentioned things, plus a special emblem, OST, 8″ Pouka figure with LED lights and stand, Vanguard lore books, letter from Zavala, mini-lithograph and stickers. These are available exclusively through Bungie for $249.99.

Starting today, players can log into Destiny 2 and experience Season of Plunder. The pirate themed season comes with new craftable weapons, including those from Dares of Eternity, along with a new event to play, exotic fusion rifle Delicate Tomb and more.

Along with the new season, Arc subclasses were changed to version 3.0, which means new builds and experiences. Players are still trying to figure out the best uses for these skills, but if it’s anything like the previous subclasses it will be a lot of negativity before things are sorted.

To no one’s surprise, the reprised raid is King’s Fall. This was the third raid from Destiny, though many don’t consider Crota’s End a real raid, where players need to fight against Hive god Oryx, The Taken King. As previously revealed, this releases on Friday, has a 1560 power cap and like Vault of Glass, two runs (normal and challenge) are required to earn the day one emblem.

Following previous rumors, Destiny 2 is coming to the Epic Game Store and will have a crossover with Fortnite and Fall Guys. Right now players can purchase the inspired costumes from Eververse, though anyone with a sizable amount of Bright Dust might want to hold off, as Today in Destiny suggests these will be offered later this season for the usual 1,600 cost. Fans of emblems can also earn two special ones for linking their Epic Game Store account with Bungie. These will be redeemable after Sept. 1.

On Fortnite, players will be able to pick up a Commander Zavala, Ikora Rey or The Stranger skin. These will have their own pickaxe, glider, and Black Bling designs. There will also be an optional Ghost emote for purchase as well. Finally, to bring the experience to life, Javelin-4 was recreated in the world of Fortnite for all to enjoy.

Finally, for anyone thinking of getting into the world of Destiny 2, today until Aug. 30, the story campaigns for Shadowkeep, Beyond Light and The Witch Queen, along with their associated quests and content are available for free. This means you have access to all these amazing experiences, including the raids, to really see what people love about Destiny 2. And, while this doesn’t include the recent dungeon pass or Forsaken content, the 30th Anniversary Pack is currently available for free exclusively through the Epic Game Store for a limited time. However, Bungie notes it can not be transferred.

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