Rumor: Destiny 2 and Fortnite Collaboration is in the Works

Rumor: Destiny 2 and Fortnite Collaboration is in the Works

With players excited for Bungie’s Aug. 23 Destiny 2 showcase, a number of leaks have slowly appeared hinting at what players can expect.

This started a little over a week ago with DestinyTwoLeaks tweeting a Pastebin supposedly including a number of upcoming things. The updated version, which we linked to, mentions the upcoming new class, the raid that will release next week, what Calus is working on and some story details that will play out for the foreseeable future. Anyone possibly looking to get spoiled can read the Pastebin for more information.

Following that, Reddit user Aceblast135 made a post that included some new information, along with mentions of players reporting Epic Games issued a Fortnite survey mentioning various things from Destiny. This was far from the least likely thing around, given Fortnite has featured countless franchises, the most recent being Dragon Ball.

Shortly after, Twitter user Ginsor datamined a set of Eververse armor that will supposedly be coming to Destiny 2 in the future. The set seems to be inspired by some of the notable original Fortnite characters. These include Black Knight for Titans, Drift for Warlocks and Hunters getting a take on Oblivion.

No word on how these will be obtained, though it might be related to rumors that Destiny 2 will be on the Epic Game Store as well. But, if nothing else, it suggests the Showcase will have a wide array of interesting items.

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