How to Defeat the Blazing Automation in Unsighted 2

How to Defeat the Blazing Automation in Unsighted

With the journey coming to an end, the Blazing Automation is an oddly straightforward boss for Unsighted. It’s essentially a larger version of the guards you’ve fought in this area and really doesn’t offer much in terms of tricks, but still, it’s good to know how to defeat the Blazing Automation in Unsighted. Or at least what to expect.

How to Defeat the Blazing Automation in Unsighted

Set Up

For the Blazing Automation, it’s best to have the Elemental Blade, which you get from maxing your relationship status with Ariel, the weapon salesperson in Gear Village. Without that, any powerful blade will work and the Auto Blaster.

Fighting the Blazing Automation

Phase One

The first phase is the most fun and easiest part of the fight. You’ll still be in the robot and need to break his shield with your rockets. He will shoot back at you and it will continue until you lose or his shield breaks.

Phase Two

For phase two you need to basically just parry his attack. He will swing his sword a lot, with two perfect parries being enough to stun him. Every now and then he will spawn adds that you should focus on.

If you maintain too much distance he will throw his sword and add some more annoying moves, otherwise, it’s just block, block, melee, repeat.

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