Every Recipe In Monster Menu: The Scavenger's Cookbook 1

Every Recipe In Monster Menu: The Scavenger’s Cookbook

As mentioned in our tip guide, recipes essentially dictate each and every characters stats in Monster Menu: The Scavenger’s Cookbook. This makes finding, or figuring them all out extremely important, as so many of these have a substantial impact on progress. This is especially true for the Crafting series, as they reveal new methods to cook, which in turn makes certain options accessible. While you should collect them, and will need to if you want to platinum, this guide will help you get access to better combos, and prevent losing progress due to bad RNG.

Every Recipe In Monster Menu: The Scavenger’s Cookbook

Basic Information

Things like effects and nutritional value will change based off the number of stars, so to keep things simple this information is not included. That being said, this guide will contain some additional details, such as which materials can be processed into other materials, along with some tips for a couple materials.

In addition to that, this guide goes off the in-game names, which are broken up into two types. Either a specific material is needed, or a general one. Any time a specific material is needed, such as Corpse Carp, it will be bold. Finally, each of these are separated based off the official in-game listing. Certain items might require fixing a specific tool before they become accessible.

Does This Unlock The Recipe?

Any recipe you complete on your own is permanently unlocked. However, you will not obtain all the variations unless you make each version, or obtain the recipe. This makes things like Parfait a nightmare, though other entries like Hamburger are pretty manageable.

Video Guide

If you want to see everything mentioned here it can be found in our video guide. We also included every prep version and what it does if you don’t want to chase after that trophy.

Prepared Materials

Material MethodOutcome
Flour Fly LarvaCut, Crush, Stew, SteamFly Meal
Fly MealBoilUdon
Rice FliesStew, Boil, SteamBug Rice
Izar WormsStew, Boil, SteamBug Pasta
Muddy WaterStew, Boil, FreezePure Water

In addition to these main versions, one variation I want to note is Stewed Boiled Egg. This is obtained by boiling an egg, and then stewing the Boiled Egg. When eating this item you’ll give the designated character the trophy skill, which unlocks the trophy literally called Trophy.

Crafting Recipes


Bait (Lure)Meat x2
Bait (Poison)Meat x2, Rotten Thing
Bait (Paralyze)Meat x2, Vells Fish
Bait (Sleep)Meat x2, Wrigglers
Bait (Confuse)Meat x2, Talizma Fruit
Box TrapPlank x2
Solid Box TrapPlank x2, Ore 
Fish TrapPlank, Branch


Wood ArrowBranch x2
Stone ArrowBranch, Stone
Metal ArrowBranch, Ore
Poison ArrowArrows, Rotten Thing


Frying PanBusted Frying Pan, Small Stone x2
PotLeaky Pot, Iron Ore x2
Bahnana LeavesBig Leaf, Hydro Herb x2
SmokerWooden Box, Plank, Silver Ore, Fuzz Shroom
Eins CookerMystery Tool, Silver Ore, Gold Ore, Tamahagane Ore
Repair Kit Lv1Flint, Copper Ore
Repair Kit Lv2Flint, Iron Ore
Repair Kit Lv3Flint, Silver Ore
Repair Kit Lv4Flint, Gold Ore
Repair Kit Lv5Flint, Tamahangane Ore
Enhancer Kit Lv1Flint, Copper Ore x2
Enhancer Kit Lv2Flint, Iron Ore, Silver Ore
Enhancer Kit LV3Flint, Gold Ore, Tamahagane Ore
Multi-MaskFace Root, Manda Fruit, Astral Shroom

All of the cooking tools can be completed before reaching floor 50 besides Eins Cooker. You need to enter the second dungeon to find Gold Ore and Tamahangane, but there is a trick to get it sooner. If you’re extremely lucky, gear that drops in the 40 range and higher has the potential to be disassembled into those two types of Ore. These generally have the material in their name, so if you get one you don’t want, they’re worth destroying to obtain the Ore to finish that recipe.

Food Recipes

No Tools

Dirt-Poor DishHerbs, Stone
Dirt-Poor DishHerbs, Meat
Dirt-Poor DishHerbs, Innards
Dirt-Poor DishHerbs, Fish
Dirt-Poor DishStone, Meat
Dirt-Poor DishStone, Innards
Dirt-Poor DishStone, Fish
Dirt-Poor DishHerbs x2
SashimiFish, Fish
SashimiCorpse Carp x3
Raw VeggiesPepino, Herbs
Raw VeggiesBeans, Herbs
Raw VeggiesHerbs, Fish x2
Raw VeggiesViper Vine, Herbs
Raw VeggiesFace Root, Herbs
Raw VeggiesRafflesia, Herbs
Raw VeggiesHydro Herb, Herbs
SandwichFly Meal, Water, Herbs, Bugs
SandwichFly Meal, Water, Bugs x3
SandwichFly Meal, Water, Herbs x3
Rice BallBug Rice x2
Rice and MeatBug Rice, Meat x2
Rice and MeatBug Rice, Innards x4


Bug KebabBugs, Branch
Bug KebabBugs x2
Grilled MeatMeat, Branch
Grilled MeatMeat x2
Grilled FishFish, Branch
Grilled FishFish x2
Grilled FishCorpse Carp x2, Branch
Grilled FishCorpse Carp x3
BBQ KebabMeat, Herbs, Branch
BBQ KebabMeat x4
BBQ KebabMeat x3, Herbs x2
Shroom SauteeMushrooms x2
Fried EyesEyeball, Eye Fruit
Fried EyesEyeball x3
Fried EyesEye Fruit x3
HamburgerFly Meal, Herbs, Meat
HamburgerFly Meal, Herbs, Innards
PizzaFly Meal, Herbs x2, Meat
PizzaFly Meal, Meat x3
PizzaFly Meal, Herbs x3
Tartah SteakFly Meal, Eggs, Meat, Mushrooms
Tartah SteakFly Meal, Eggs, Meat x3
Tartah SteakFly Meal, Eggs, Meat x2, Innards
Tartah SteakFly Meal, Eggs, Meat, Innards x2
Tartah SteakFly Meal, Eggs, Innards x3
Organ SauteeHeart, Innards, Fly Meal
Meat PlatterMeat Chunk, Colossal Meat
Meat PlatterMeat Chunk, Large Meat
Meat PlatterColossal Meat x4
Meat PlatterLarge Meat x2, Colossal Meatx2
Meat PlatterLarge Meat x4
Meat PlatterColossal MeatLarge Meat x3
Meat PlatterLarge Meat, Colossal Meat x3


Stir-Fried BugsBugs
Stir-Fried BugsBugs x2, Herbs x2
Dead Guy Stir-FryMushbrella, Herbs
Dead Guy Stir-FryOil Shroom, Herbs
Scrambled OvaEggs x3
Scrambled OvaLarge Egg, Eggs
Scrambled OvaMonster Egg, Eggs
Larvashroom PastaBug Pasta, Mushrooms
Larvashroom PastaIzar Worms, Mushrooms, Water
Larvashroom PastaIzar Worms, Mushrooms, Hydro Herb
Intestine YakisobaViper Vine x2, Meat, Innards
Intestine YakisobaIzar Worms, Water, Meat, Innards
Intestine YakisobaIzar Worms, Water, Innards x3
Intestine YakisobaBug Pasta, Meat, Innards
Intestine YakisobaBug Pasta, Innards x3
Mt. Fried RiceBug Rice, Meat, Herbs, Mushrooms
Mt. Fried RiceBug Rice x2, Meat, Eggs
Mt. Fried RiceBug Rice x3, Meat x3
Mt. Fried RiceBug Rice x2, Meat x2, Herbs
Mt. Fried RiceBug Rice x2, Meat x2, Mushroom


Fried GrubsBugs x2
Fried HerbsHerbs x2
Fry-derTarantella, Fly Meal, Eggs
AjilloFace Root x2, Hydro Herb
AjilloMushrooms x2, Herbs x2
AjilloMushrooms, Herbs x3
AjilloMushrooms x3, Herbs 
Fried KebabMeat, Innards, Branch
Fried KebabMeat x3
Fried KebabInnards x4
Fried KebabMeat x2, Innards x2
LasagnaFly Meal, Innards, Herbs, Mushrooms
LasagnaFly Meal, Innards x2, Mushrooms
LasagnaBug Pasta, Innards, Herbs, Mushrooms
LasagnaBug Pasta, Innards x2, Mushrooms x2
LasagnaIzar Worms, Flour Fly Larva, Innards, Herbs, Mushrooms
Fried FeastFly Meal, Meat, Fish, Herbs
Fried FeastFly Meal, Meat x3
Fried FeastFly Meal, Fish x3
Fried FeastFly Meal, Meat x2, Fish x2
Fried FeastFly Meal, Eggs, Water, Herbs x2


Grub GoulashBugs, Water, Herbs
Grub GoulashBugs, Hydro Herb, Herbs
Doomshroom SoupOil Shroom, Doomshroom, Water
Doomshroom SoupOil Shroom, Doomshroom, Hydro Herb
Inte-stewInnards, Water
Inte-stewInnards, Hydro Herb
TsukudaniBugs x3
Stewed UdonUdon, Tartar Water
Stewed UdonUdon, Water, Herbs
Stewed UdonUdon, Hydro Herb, Herbs
Larval CurryTartar Water, Bug Rice
Larval CurryBug Rice, Water, Meat, Herbs, Mushrooms
Larval CurryBug Rice, Water, Meat x3
Larval CurryBug Rice, Water, Herbs x3
Larval CurryBug Rice, Water, Mushrooms x3
Larval CurryBug Rice, Hydro Herb, Meat, Herbs, Mushrooms
Larval CurryBug Rice, Hydro Herb, Meat x3
Larval CurryBug Rice, Hydro Herb, Herbs x3
Larval CurryBug Rice, Hydro Herb, Mushrooms x3
Meat StewLava Water, Meat x3
Meat StewLava Water, Meat x2, Innards
Meat StewWater, Meat x4
Meat StewWater, Meat x3, Innards
Meat StewHydro Herb, Meat x4
Meat StewHydro Herb, Meat x3, Innards


Grub WrapsWrigglers, Herbs
Steamed ToxinsHerbs x2
Meat BunFly Meal, Bugs
Meat BunFly Meal, Bugs, Meat, Herbs
Meat BunFly Meal, Bugs, Innards, Herbs
Bug BreadFly Meal, Water, Rock Salt
Bug BreadFly Meal, Hydro Herb, Rock Salt
Peek-a-boo PieFly Meal, Fish x4
Land ‘n Sea PieFly Meal, Meat, Fish, Herbs, Mushrooms
Land ‘n Sea PieFly Meal, Meat x2, Fish x2

At the time of posting Bug Bread seems to be glitched. The only way to make either recipe is with an unprepared Rock Salt. This is, to my knowledge, the only recipe that doesn’t work with a prepared ingredient.


JerkyMeat, Rock Salt
Smoked FishFish, Rock Salt
SausagesMeat, Innards, Rock Salt
Smoked EggsEggs, Rock Salt
Charred SpidersTarantella, Hay


Snow ConePure Water, Fruit
ParfaitMando Fruit, Eye Fruit, Talizma Fruit, Angura Fruit, Melainoid
Ice CreamTartar Water, Fruit
CompoteFruit x2
Ice Cream CakePure Water, Fruit, Fly Meal
SmoothieFruit, Mushrooms, Herbs
Granita PancakeFly Meal, Eggs, Fruit

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