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How to Unlock The Navigator’s Catalyst in Destiny 2

Earlier today Destiny 2: Lightfall‘s first dungeon, Ghosts of the Deep, finally released and with it came a new exotic to collect. The Navigator, which is a Strand Trace Rifle, has the ability to give others Woven Mail and Sever targets. This combo has people thinking of possibilities, especially with the newly added Warlock helmet, Cenotaph Mask. Along with the main abilities, The Navigator has a catalyst that requires some unusual mechanics to unlock. Thankfully, players like reddit user SHI3LDSHI3LD were quick to figure it out.

How to Unlock The Navigator’s Catalyst in Destiny 2

What Does the Catalyst Do?

Before worrying about how to unlock it, I want to touch on what the catalyst actually does.

Unlike a lot of catalysts, The Navigator gains another gimmick. I wouldn’t say it’s an absolute must, but the experience unlocking it is worth the effort, even if the perk is not.

Unlocking the Catalyst

Encounter 1

After finishing the first encounter you want to head to the bunker where the first ghost collectible is. If you don’t know where it is, simply head to where you start the dungeon at, look at the image below, and you should find the bunker hidden in that general area.

Be warned, entering the bunker at this time will have a bunch of Lucent Moths that can potentially kill you. This is not a problem, just an easily avoided annoyance.

Move to the end of the area, look to your left and you should see this door. Enter it and there will be a stack of ghosts to the left. This can only be interacted with after finishing the first encounter, and upon interacting with it you’ll receive Vestige of Light.

In the middle you’ll find an alter, pictured above, where you can deposit the buff. Doing this will spawn the boss Thul-Ar Acolyte of Nokris. To defeat this boss you need to defeat a specific Acolyte that will give you a buff that breaks its shield. You can tell the correct one by finding the central symbol, followed by matching it with the one located by these enemies.

These were hard to get a picture of, so I included an example from the second encounter. They’re all a little different so keep an eye out for them, or just randomly kill enemies until it works.

Before Encounter 2

During the first jumping puzzle there will be a room towards the end filled with Hive enemies. This is the same room that contains the first secret chest. Clear this room and keep moving forward. Shortly after there will be a second room filled with Hive. Kill them, and then move to the right. There should be a pile of ghosts that will give the second buff.

Return to the room with the secret chest to despot the buff in the statue pictured above. This statue is very noticeable, and something you literally pass. Those who struggle with the underwater platforming might want to wait in the first room. Only one person needs to perform the mechanic to unlock the catalyst for everyone.

Thul-Ar Acolyte of Nokris will return with reduced health and the same mechanic. Figure out what the symbol is, find the location, break its shield, and then burn the boss.

After Encounter 2

In the room with the final secret chest is where you fight Thul-Ar Acolyte of Nokris one last time.

Immediately to the right you’ll see this area with a fallen lantern. Directly behind it is the final stack of ghosts. If it does not work when you arrived, finish the section and then return to this point.

Destiny 2 Ghosts of the Deep Guide 12423

Collecting the buff causes enemies to respawn, so do everything in your power to make it to the other side. Your goal is location pictured above. After dunking it you’ll fight Thul-Ar Acolyte of Nokris a final time. If your team can’t push the boss within its first damage phase you might be able to finish it, followed by finishing its ghost, to unlock the catalyst.

After this you just need to get kills with The Navigator to fully unlock it for use.

Video Guide

If you’re still having issues, or would just like to get a better idea of what needs to be done, you can find our video guide below.

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