NACON Unveils Updated DAIJA Arcade Stick 1

NACON Unveils Updated DAIJA Arcade Stick

NACON formally revealed the improvement and changes players can expect from their updated arcade stick, DAIJA.

Following the original release back in 2018, NACON obtained player feedback and made substantial changes to DAIJA.

Features of the new DAIJA Arcade Stick:

• Buttons ideally placed to leave ample room for the left wrist
• New side button lock system, which prevents accidental button presses that can pause games:
– “options” button, “create” button and “PS button” on the PlayStation® version
– “Menu button”, “View button”, “Share button” and “Xbox button” on the Xbox version
• New profile selection option
• New player position LED light on the PlayStation® version
• New Arcade Stick opening system directly integrated into the case
• New covering under the Arcade Stick: more flexible with improved grip for better stability
• All the classic PlayStation® and Xbox controller buttons built into the DAIJA Arcade Stick
• Textured palm rest
• Platform selection system
– PS4™ / PS5™ / PC
– Xbox Series X|S / Xbox One / PC
• Stick functionality configuration (left/right or directional buttons) based on requirements
• Weight: approx. 3.5kg
• Dimensions: 435x295x159mm

High-quality and fully customizable components

Like the previous version, NACON has used SANWA® components, which are favoured by many professional players for their high quality and flexible customization options. The Arcade Stick is also fully compatible with Seimitsu parts, which provides even more customization possibilities and was highly requested by gamers.

The DAIJA Arcade Stick includes:

• Two stick types (ball top and bat top)
• Three faceplate designs. Users can also create their own designs using the downloadable template on
• Two tools to customize the Arcade Stick
• Two storage compartments for the tools
• Secure storage for the 3m detachable USB-C cable

A new app to change button mapping

As with NACON’S Pro Compact, Revolution and Revolution X controllers, the layout of the Arcade Stick’s buttons can now be modified using the app included with the DAIJA. The app boasts many great features:
• Available for Xbox (on PC and Xbox)
• Available for PlayStation® (on PC and Mac)
• Arcade Stick updates
• Button mapping • Up to four different profiles per platform (Xbox, PlayStation® and PC). Users can therefore have a dedicated profile for each fighting game

NACON Press Release

Along with detailing DAIJA, NACON also confirmed they’re collaborating with eSports champion Marie-Laure “Kayane” Norindr, to help achieve the right experience.

Yannick Allaert, Group Director – Accessories Division at NACON, continued with the following comment:

Having the chance to continue collaborating with Kayane for these new Arcade Sticks is a real asset for NACON. She is an amazing player who truly understands what gamers expect in the fighting game genre

Her expertise and insightful feedback helped us to develop a very high-quality product together, which will ultimately improve the gaming experience.

NACON Press Release

Those interested can purchase DAIJA for PlayStation or Xbox from NACON for €279.90 from their European storefront.

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