Destiny 2 Duality Revive Cheese Guide 1

Destiny 2 Duality Revive Cheese Guide

Things move fast in the Destiny 2 community. One moment everyone is talking about how hard Duality is and the next there is a cheese that countless people want to get on. Like a lot of these things, figuring out how to do it can be hard, especially when every group wants masters, so we’re here to help make this a lot easier.

Destiny 2 Duality Revive Cheese Guide

Unlike a lot of the other cheeses, this one is actually ingenious for how simple it is. While it only really works on the first encounter, this, coupled with it giving constant pinnacle drops makes it worthwhile. It also has a chance of dropping a kinetic and special weapon, along with the legs, arms and helmet, which also has the artifice slot (it gives you a slot for seasonal mods). Best of all, the more you do it the easier it becomes.

Basic Set Up

Be around 1,570 power and have at least a good void weapon and a glave. Designate the better players to clear adds, with the weaker one doing the cheese. It helps to have Titans do the tasks and have a Hunter do the cheese. Once everything is set, rally and start the encounter.

Play Things Normally

Start by playing the encounter normally. The goal should be both Bellkeepers dead and obtaining both standards from the side room. Once the two standards are safe and at the bell, you can freely ring it even if it kills the other player(s).

How you handle the next part depends on your team. You can either work together to clear the rooms you unlock or you can go solo and go to the other side. One player should go left and the other right, both taking out the various Sorrow Keeper copies.

The third player needs to kill themselves as soon as possible. You realistically have about 20 seconds that you can spend killing adds, though it’s entirely on you to spend as much or little time doing that as you want.

Once the two other players are out, kill adds so you only have the boss. Realistically, you do not need to kill the snipers if you don’t find them to be an issue. Though, at most, clear one side and bring the boss to that side to prevent being shot.

When time runs out there will be the usual wipe counter. The dead player needs to revive and this will restart the other world clock. They can revive one of the two players, but not both. There will be enough time for the remaining person to revive the same way and keep this going until the boss dies. Best of all, no additional adds will spawn, so the only way to lose once things are set up is for both living parties to die early, reviving all three, or missing the revive (helps to call it out).

Each time will give one pinnacle drop and can be repeated endlessly. For maximum efficiency, leaving without progressing forward will keep your Sorrow Keeper checkpoint as well.

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