Exoprimal Trophy/Achievement Guide 23423

Exoprimal Trophy/Achievement Guide

Online games like Exoprimal can be a nightmare to get every trophy/achievement. They tend to have a lot of time intensive tasks, require a fair amount of luck, and almost always involve playing in a way that makes the game unenjoyable. To make your journey a lot easier we wanted to make a quick trophy/achievement guide for Exoprimal.

Exoprimal Trophy/Achievement Guide

Basic Information

While this is a rather straightforward trophy/achievement list, there are a few exceptions. To make it simpler this guide will only mention the exceptions. If there are questions about something we skipped please feel free to comment.

As for the get X with Y trophies they should come in a match or two if you focus on their objective. Each objective is related to the characters primary focus, so it shouldn’t be too bad. In some cases it’s entirely possible to do two or three in a single match.

Trophy/Achievement Guide

Good News!, Magnum’s Investigation, Meet Durban, Durban’s Trial, Man in the Machine, Prized Research Subjects, A New Tyrant, Whatever They Won’t See Coming

All of these are story related. If you’re having issues with one it helps to find others, but overall it shouldn’t be too hard.

Spear Stopper
Stopped a Triceratops charge with Roadblock

Roadblock is the tank with a giant shield, so all you need to do is wait for a Triceratops to spawn and block its charge with your shield. It sounds harder than it is and the only issue you might face is someone killing it before it even charges in the first place.

Ancient Problems, Modern Solutions
Defeated a large number of dinosaurs summoned by Leviathan.

There is a couple theories on how to unlock this trophy. One is a killing one of each dinosaur, whereas another is simply tagging each dinosaur. While I can’t say for certain, I’ve only seen the Umbral Neosaur once and don’t recall ever seeing a Cyro Neosaur, yet I got it when killing a Pyro Neosaur. It might not be every dinosaur and just the higher tier versions like that or T.rex.

Exoprimal Trophy/Achievement Guide 234523

The one most will likely to be missed is the aforementioned Pyro Neosaur, which is pictured above. This is a high level enemy that is currently extremely rare to find. The only guaranteed spawn is the final boss where a good number of them spawn towards the end.

  • Exoprimal Trophy/Achievement Guide 234523

If you want to get this trophy out of the way there you can keep leaving matches until you match for the final boss. When this occurs listen to Leviathan’s opening monologue. Based off what it says you can tell which mission you matched for, which is usually the hammer mission or the Neo T.rex fight. The dialogue you want to listen for is pictured above. If you hear/see that it will be the final boss fight.

Cretaceous Eradicator
Eliminated a total of 100,000 dinosaurs.

While defeating 100,000 dinosaurs will eventually unlock, it goes a lot faster if you choose Barrage and build around his skills.

This is probably the best build for chasing kills. Your goal is to get higher ranking missions that have 1,000+ minor threats and blow through them as quickly as possible.

It also helps to constantly try to match on the final mission since there are a lot of enemies and abilities/powers recharge extremely fast. I found Vigilant works best because their laser recharges extremely fast at the end of the mission and consistently hits a large number of enemies. If this doesn’t work for you, Deadeye is also a good option.

Dinosaur Handler
Used a Dominator for the first time.

During the final set of missions an item called a dominator will spawn. If you’re behind it’s on the first round and if you’re ahead the third. Simply pick it up and use it. This happens every match, multiple times if your team is terrible, so just wait for it and grab it when it spawns. After that use it and it will unlock. Only one is needed and no performance requirements.

Threat Level Rising
Experienced a dinosaur upgrade for the first time.

This is a rather uncommon event, one I went 79 matches before finally seeing, that increases the level of dinosaurs.

  • Exoprimal Trophy/Achievement Guide 23423
  • Exoprimal Trophy/Achievement Guide 23423
  • Exoprimal Trophy/Achievement Guide 32423

My theory, based off dialogue, is this event is performance based. This means you need to absolutely destroy the enemy team in the first half of a match and instead of a dominator they receive this perk.

If you’re on the team that benefits from this event you’ll find a golden dinosaur called a Trigger Neosaur. Killing it will trigger a bonus period where hitting certain score thresholds will increase the dinosaur upgrade level.

Since my friend confirmed he got the trophy when killing the Trigger Neosaur you simply need it to happen, which should happen long before getting everything else.

A Sample of Suits
Tried 10 different exosuits.

This one seems somewhat glitchy. I got it well after finishing all the exosuit based trophy/achievements when randomly changing. If you’re struggling with it various people have reported it will unlock correctly if you swap to every suit in a single match. Tutorial might also work, but I have no way to test that.

Emerged victorious using five different exosuits in Dino Survival.

While it’s possible this trophy/achievement is glitched, I think it’s simply written incorrectly. The condition is not winning with five different suits, it’s winning a match where you used five different suits. So between phases swap between a couple suits and if you win the match it should unlock.

No Exosuit? No Problem
Eliminated 20 dinosaurs as a pilot in a single match.

Despite sounding hard, this is actually pretty quick and easy. Start by swapping suits to return to pilot form. After this hang behind allies and shoot into crowds. It shouldn’t take more than two phases to get it. But, if you do have issues, make sure you have a good tank or play with someone who will ensure you don’t take damage while fighting enemies.

Exosuit Researcher
Collected 50 modules.

Simply purchase 50 modules to unlock this trophy.

Since there are 10 modules related to player levels and another 60 from leveling Exosuits, you might as well get every suit to level 10 for Ace Pilot. This will bring your total to 40, so there are two ways to approach it.

Pushing for level 12 on every class is probably the fastest, but getting level 16 on three classes you enjoy and a 12 will be a lot more enjoyable.

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