HyperX Cloud Earbuds Review 4

HyperX Cloud Earbuds Review

As gaming continues to grow, a wide variety of markets start to grow and develop. There isn’t one specific use case, allowing products to fulfill different needs. One such item is HyperX’s Cloud Earbuds. They touch on the aspects HyperX is known for, at a price that is extremely affordable. However, given these details, are they good or do they exist to fulfill a specific purpose?

HyperX went in a different direction with their Cloud Earbuds. Instead of the usual red and white box and sharp graphics, the presentation is a lot simpler. Held in place by a sheet of plastic, Cloud Earbuds are on full display from the second you look at them. This makes it a lot easier to evaluate the quality, though doesn’t suggest there is really much to them.

After removing Cloud Earbuds a couple of things stand out. The included case is quite firm, to the point where I could throw my car keys in the same pocket and not worry, with a smooth feel. It’s a decent case that could be used for a lot of things besides keeping these headphones safe. Inside are the earbuds, which are actually hard to tangle, and an in-line microphone that has a media control button. In the cases, mesh pockets are some additional ear tips, each labeled with the intended size range. After removing them you can safely use that pocket for other things, such as games or to store cash.

Normally I don’t have issues with earbuds, but in the case of Cloud Earbuds, I couldn’t find a set of ear tips that fit well. I’m happy to say they never popped out of my ears, though they never felt quite right. Part of this is due to them feeling like they’re not secure, with the other part being the shape. It’s an odd issue as the shape is such that it kind of wedges itself in your ear canal. As a result, they shouldn’t fall out in more situations, it just doesn’t feel that natural. 

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Performance hinges on what exactly you’re looking for. I tried playing Destiny 2’s Dares of Eternity with them and a lot of the subtle sounds were lost, along with weak bass and a reduced range. Music didn’t fare much better, often making songs sound flat and weak. More lyrical songs performed better, even if there were times the lyrics blended into the background, with anything that relied on bass-heavy performance just falling short.

Where Cloud Earbuds did best were simpler games like Pokemon. In these cases, the sound came off more natural, even if other headsets can produce a better sound. It’s just once you cross the line going into things like Metroid Dread that the shortcomings come into play.

HyperX Cloud Earbuds Review Verdict

It is really only so much you can expect from a $40 pair of earbuds. The sound is about what you’d expect from that price point, but in addition to that, there is a microphone anti-tangle cord and case. Naturally, the fit won’t appeal to everyone, nor will the sound reproduction but if you’re looking for basic pair that you can take with you they’ll easily do the job.

[Editor’s Note: HyperX Cloud Earbuds were provided to us for review purposes.]

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