New World – What is Azoth and How to Get More

New World is, in many ways, more of a survival game than an MMO. I said so in my review. As such, the sprawling island of Aeternum is teeming with valuable resources. Given the framework of the survival-esque MMO, players will need to spend ample time loading up on countless resources to make their journey easier.

One such resource is Azoth, a magical material with a wide array of uses. Players will become accustomed to seeing the image of the corked glass bottle containing the precious blue liquid. While the material is immediately embedded in the early moments of the New World adventure, there may be some confusion about what purpose it serves or how to obtain more of it. We have you covered on both fronts.

What is Azoth and How to Get More

Azoth is used across many actions in New World. Azoth can be used alongside crafting to increase the chance of more powerful gear; it is the required resource for respeccing abilities and attributes; most commonly, Azoth is used for fast traveling. Given its numerous important capabilities, the resource is even more valuable than many of the others acquired throughout the game.

So what happens when you begin to run low? There are a handful of ways to collect more of the precious resource. The easiest and most straightforward option is to complete quests. That is, assuming you haven’t reached the endgame and already said goodbye to the main quest line for the quickest accumulation of Azoth. For those that have obtained the Azoth Staff, the territory PvE Corrupted Portals events can be completed for a shot at the material. Even taking on enemies level 20 or higher has a chance at dropping Azoth. Another route involves trying to get the Azoth Extraction perk for one of your tools to up the occurrence of gathered Azoth.

In the post-launch environment, there is one more alternative and this one doesn’t require as much guesswork/luck. The PvP Outpost Rush awards a fair amount of Azoth regardless of whether the player’s team won or lost. This is currently being used as the main Azoth farming technique for endgame players. So once those main story quests have run dry, this is where you will want to head next for that limited resource.

New World is now available exclusively on PC.

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