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Saramonic Blink 500 B2+ Review – An Affordable All-in-One Microphone Solution

Right now content creation is one of the fastest growing tech industries. Everyone wants to create a YouTube channel, make their own Twitch stream, or just make interesting content for TikTok. This makes it an exciting time for products, as countless new and innovative ideas hit the market. This is something we saw with Saramonic’s touch screen Blink Me system. While that remains a fascinating product, Saramonic started updating a number of their lines, with the most recent being Blink 500 B2+. With a new look, and a number of changes, is this worth checking out, or are there better options?


For better or worse Saramonic went with radically different packaging than their previous Blink Me system. Instead of a creative statement piece it’s much closer to something you’d find on a rack at a retail store.

I don’t think this is a negative per se, it just goes to show how they view the demographics. That said, the front showcases the product/accessories, one side has notable features, and the back highlighting a few things. Despite the simpler appearance, it does feature some neat details like various icons with a glossy finish on the sides.

Inside is a couple boxes, one holding the Blink 500 B2+ system, and another with all the additional accessories.


Along with the Blink 500 B2+ system, there is a coiled TRS to TRS (AUX) cable, coiled TRRS to TRS cable, USB-A to USB-C cable, two fur windshields, all in a Saramonic branded pouch. For the most part the accessories are standard for this type of product. I’d personally prefer a longer USB-A to USB-C cable, but the coiled cables are nice. Perfect length for this type of product, and look clean when used in a microphone set up.

It’s All There

That said, I genuinely like the pouch Saramonic uses. It’s the same one found in Blink Me, and while it might not look like anything special, inside is a middle divider. This makes it really easy to separate accessories if you choose to use it.


Blink 500 B2+ is much closer to traditional products in this category. Compared to Maono’s WM821 system it features a considerably smaller, and more compact case/units. This makes it easier to transport, along with allowing more accessories.

That said, the sides feature a squared design that I can’t say I’m fond of. It isn’t bad to the touch, it can just be a bit of a dust trap. Thankfully, it isn’t too difficult to clean, just a slight annoyance compared to a completely smooth surface.

The same textured bits are on the side of the transmitter, and receiver as well. These are a little more annoying to clean, but nothing too difficult. Instead of using multiple inputs, Saramonic kept it simple by having the transmitters have a power/mute button, as well as a noise cancellation input.

On the receiver is power button, along with a multi-function button. This is used to change various settings, such as gain, directly from the device. It can be rather tedious, though something you likely won’t change often enough to cause an issue long term. At most it makes things take a minute instead of 20 seconds.

Finally, I just want to say I love the additional gaps in the charging case. For those unaware of what they do, the side gaps allow the included magnet to stay connected; whereas the middle gap allows you to insert the receiver without having to remove the Lightning/USB-C adapter. This is great because it simplifies the overall process for anyone that exclusively uses a single port.

Simplicity for Mobile Devices

One aspect of Blink 500 B2+ I want to highlight is how well it pairs with mobile devices. Instead of requiring an adapter/cable, it has a special USB-C/Lightning connector in the case that directly connects the receiver to a mobile device. By doing this I don’t need to pack additional wires, or really anything besides the fur windshields as the case will not close when them attached.

Various Different Set Ups

This is considerably better than WM821 where I need to provide both the cable, adaptor, and deal with finding the right placement. The version of Blink Me we reviewed is even worse, but Saramonic’s current B2 version includes all the accessories in a far more organized container. While we can’t speak to the size/quality, depending on use case it can absolutely rival Blink 500 B2+.

Ultimately, with either WM821, or Blink 500 B2+ I would use an accessory holder like those offered by Nomatic. I have their Navigator Tech Organizer, McKinnon Accessory Case, and McKinnon Tech Organizer that I swap between given the situation. Unfortunately, the Navigator Tech Organizer is too small, with the McKinnon Tech Organizer being a tight fit, and Accessory Case working just fine.

While both units fit in the aforementioned two cases, there is a bit more to play around with when using Blink 500 B2+. Not only does it use less wires overall, the phone holder I use is not the best for WM821. I included it in both pictures, but I would not actually use it in practice since the middle screw prevents larger devices like WM821’s receiver from being securely attached. This means I’d likely use most of my remaining space for another phone holder.

Set Up

If you’re worried about set up I wouldn’t be. For all my captures I simply plugged Blink 500 B2+ in and it worked flawlessly. In fact, I don’t even recall having to turn on the device itself. It even did that when removing it from the case. While this is common for these devices, I was surprised noise reduction removed all the interference I had in a single button click.

When retesting Blink Me for this review it required a little more effort to get right. Mind you, this was maybe 2 minutes of time, so not something I would be overly concerned with regardless of which device you pick.

Magnetic Power

While Blink 500 B2+ supports both clip, and magnetic set ups, I wanted to touch on the quality of the included magnets. Since this is something that varies wildly, I wanted to confirm the magnets are shockingly powerful. In fact, the two included magnets can connect to one another and are legitimately difficult to get apart. I wouldn’t say it’s impossible to lose, but I would say I full trust these magnets to hold in any reasonable situation you may encounter.


For the most part I found Blink 500 B2+ worked fairly well. Recordings lacked major issues, such as digital noise, crackling, or other issues.

In terms of recording quality it has a certain dullness to the capture. It isn’t what I would consider bad, but compared to Blink Me it just isn’t as sharp. This isn’t too bad for a solo, or occasional use device, though you’ll want the improved quality if you’re frequently talking to different people.

Ultimately I suggest listening to the samples below, and seeing if they make a difference for you.

Maono WM821
Maono WM821 (w/Lavalier)
Editor's Choice

Where Blink 500 B2+ ultimately succeeds is by offering a fantastic value proposition. For $129 I’d be hard pressed to find something similar, much less one that includes both USB-C and Lightning connections. That being said, I still firmly believe Blink Me is the superior product. Not only is the new case a game charger for portability, it has a lot more potential.

Still, if this is not a concern, or you want to get something that won’t frequently be used, you’ll likely be happy with Blink 500 B2+.

Editor’s Note: Saramonic Blink 500 B2+ was given to us for review purposes.

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