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Dreo Expands their Offerings with Three Exciting Humidifiers

Dreo announced they’re expanding their line of smart home appliances to include humidifiers.

The first batch, HM311S, HM512S, and 713S each target a different demographic and feature set to suit a wide variety of needs.

Dreo Smart Humidifier Line Up


Their entry level model, HM311S, is designed to offer a great value at $49.99. Some notable features include cold mist, 30°  nozzle tilt, 32 hour run time, night light, 28dB ultra-quiet operation, aroma diffuser, with 4 liter capacity. It also comes in black or white, with Dreo noting it’s suitable for babies.

  • Voice and app control: Easily adjust settings like mist levels, timers, ambient lighting using Alexa or Google Assistant, or from anywhere through the Dreo app. This humidifier for plants gives you the extra convenience you need when your hands are busy or when you are far from home 
  • Larger mist, faster relief: Powered by Dreo’s Dual-intake design, this humidifier creates a supersized mist 3 times larger than most air humidifiers, bringing faster dry air relief and helping you breathe easy and healthy 
  • Perfect humidifying solution: Choose from three different mist levels and direct the mist where you like with its 30° tiltable nozzle, plus it will shut off automatically when the tank is empty, making it the perfect baby humidifier for nursery and plant care 
  • 32H of uninterrupted comfort: Enjoy quiet humidified air all night long, Dreo’s acoustic design brings noise down to 28dB, while its 4L tank ensures this humidifier for baby doesn’t need refill overnight 
  • Much more than a humidifier: Create your own spa experience with this cool mist humidifier. Equipped with an additional aromapad tray, you can add essential oils and bring soothing fragances while bringing the perfect humidity to your home 
  • Effortless Maintenance: This portable humidifier allows you to fill up without having to flip the tank over or spill water all over the floor. The modular design makes it easy to remove and install for hassle-free cleaning
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Dreo Expands their Offerings with Three Exciting Humidifiers  3453

The next level up is 512S, which is the “best choice for nursery.” For $74.99 it includes the previous features, expanding the capcity to 5 liters, dual 360 rotating nozzles, and 42 hour run time.

  • Pure and Healthy Humidification: Dreo 5L humidifier is equipped with a Demineralization Cartridge, capable of removing seven common minerals, reducing limescale buildup, and providing purer humidification. It’s specially designed for infants and toddlers, promoting health and well-being. Use tap water directly, and one filter can purify up to 40 gallons of tap water. 
  • Precise Smart Humidity Control: Choose the “auto mode” to set the optimal humidity level for you. Its humidity range is 50% more accurate than other humidifiers, ensuring a constant and comfortable environment for your body and respiratory health. The 360-degree dual mist nozzle design ensures even humidification. 
  • User-Friendly and Easy to Clean: Dreo products use a top-fill design with state-of-the-art modular construction. Paired with intelligent cleaning reminders from the app, you can always maintain pure humidification. 
  • Easy-Clean Design: The removable water tank and simple construction make cleaning and maintenance a breeze, ensuring a hygienic and long-lasting humidifier. 
  • Smart Control: Each module can be controlled independently, including the night light, sound prompts, and the digital display screen, all of which can be switched on and off through the mobile app. Additionally, you can set daily humidity plans to meet the needs of children’s rooms and plants, even when you’re not at home. It’s highly practical and versatile.
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Dreo Expands their Offerings with Three Exciting Humidifiers  345634

Finally there is their most innovating model, 713S. At $89.99 you gain warm mist, 6 liter capacity, 60h runtime, dual-aroma diffuser and more. Part of what makes this model interesting is it looks just like Dreo’s air purifier, so it will match fairly well.

  • The Ultimate Humidifying Solution: The Dreo Humidifier HM713S brings super fast 500mL/hr humidification with faster warm mist (86°F in just 5 minutes) for instant dryness relief. Thanks to MistWave humidification technology, this humidifier for home creates a 43-inch tall mist with finer particles spread humidity evenly across any room you use it, while its 6L tank ensures longer-run time to humidify for days. 
  • Precise Room Humidity Control: Thanks to its accurate sensing and compensation algorithm, the Dreo Humidifier 713S for bedroom lets you effectively set your target humidity within ±5%, twice more precise than traditional humidifiers, while its humidity indicator light lets you easily check your living room humidity from far away. 
  • 3 Modes – One Touch: The Dreo Humidifier HM713S gives you more ways to customize humidity to your lifestyle. From its Manual Mode that includes 3 levels of mist, Auto Mode that lets you set your target humidity anywhere between 30 to 90%, and Sleep Mode that automatically turns off lightning and reduces noise for a peaceful sleep. 
  • Easy and convenient smart APP: Keeping your air fresh and healthy is much easier thanks to the Dreo app. See real-time humidity readings, track humidity levels for up to 30 days, receive and customize smart cleaning reminders. 
  • Dual-aroma Pad Tray: Change your environment in one step thanks to the new dual-aroma pad tray design, now you just need to move the aroma pad tray cover to switch between scents throughout the day.
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All three models can also be added to Dreo’s hub app. This is a feature we praised in our Polyfan review for being easy to add and effortless to control multiple devices.

Those interested can purchase any of these models from Amazon later today. However, if you’re still on the fence make sure to check back in a week or so for our review of 713S.

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