How Long to Beat Death or Treat? 1

How Long to Beat Death or Treat?

Unlike most genres, roguelike games vary wildly in playtimes. How Long to Beat lists Enter the Gungeon at 24 and a half hours, with everything taking over 100 hours. Another common title in the genre, Hades, comes in at 22 and a half hours, but under 100 to see it all. Even Returnal typically takes players 19 hours to finish the narrative. With such a range we wanted to give our experience on Death or Treat so you can know what to expect.

How Long to Beat Death or Treat?

To get my first clear it took just over 4 hours and 7 minutes. This also includes a few distractions, so a couple of hours are not impossible. That being said, skill will absolutely be a factor. I happen to be pretty good at this genre, so I would estimate a lower skill player taking around 8 hours instead.

Upon finishing Death or Treat you basically saw it all. Nothing, not even the trophy/achievement list, suggests there is optional content to find. In fact, most of the remaining experience would be grinding for the aforementioned trophy/achievements.

Due to how the material system is set up, along with the large number of upgrades, I could easily see a platinum/1,000 run hitting 20 to 30 hours. Thankfully, it isn’t a hard or complicated set of tasks, just very tedious.

If you find yourself on the fence, make sure to check out our full review for more information about Death or Treat.

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