V Rising: What is a Blood Moon?

Vampires are no fan of the sun. This is a longstanding fact (of a fictional creature). Their skin begins to burn in direct sunlight, and that’s exactly what happens if you stray from the shade during daytime in V Rising.

Venturing out at night is the far safer option for new, fragile vampires. Much like the sun inhibits a vampire’s power, the moon has the ability to empower the creatures of the night. But not any old moon will do. There’s a specific night event that can occur that will imbue vampires with added resilience.

What is a Blood Moon in V Rising?

The Blood Moon is a rare event that replaces the standard 6PM to 9AM night cycle. During a Blood Moon, the following benefits are bestowed on the player:

Boost the effects of your current blood type by 20% and increased your Movement Speed by 10%.

These buffs are extremely helpful if you end up to be lucky enough to experience a Blood Moon early on when enemy encounters are more commonly sporting blood types with lower percentages. This means your vampire is missing out on other helpful boosts locked behind higher blood type tiers.

The Blood Moon buff can provide a temporary increase to the current blood type, opening up another tier or two, making journeys into the wild slightly less daunting. And that movement speed is especially welcome for those that have not yet found themselves a horse to navigate the map more quickly.

May the odds of a Blood Moon be in your favor, Early Access vampires.

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