Rhythm Sprout Collector Trophy/Achievement Guide Exploit

Rhythm Sprout Collector Trophy/Achievement Guide Exploit (Updated)

One of the hardest trophy/achievements in Rhythm Sprout is collector. To unlock this you need 25 different CDs, which means you need all the stars on all but four stages. To make matters worse, costumes also require certain CDs, meaning you can’t exclude those stages if you want every trophy/achievement. While this can be extremely difficult, there is actually an exploit that makes this shockingly simple.

Update: The latest update removed this on PlayStation 5. If you can download or still have the base version it’s possible to unlock. No reports on how this impacts Xbox users.

Rhythm Sprout Collector Trophy/Achievement Guide Exploit

Basic Information

While this is a trophy/achievement guide, I can only confirm this works on the PlayStation 5 unpatched version of Rhythm Sprout. Unfortunately, the PlayStation 4 version will not work on my PlayStation 5, though my girlfriend tried on her PlayStation 4 and claimed the exploit did not work. I also don’t have an Xbox version to try, so it may/may not work.


By simply pressing R3 at any point during a level, you’ll go into an auto play mode. The AI will take over and perform a full combo with all perfect inputs on each and every stage. This guarantees the CD for every stage besides level 13 and 14.

If you want to complete these two, you just need to score big on the ultimate combo. It’s the only thing auto play will not do, so by mashing the inputs you should get the required points. I can also confirm one button on each side works better than trying to cycle them all at once.

Please note, auto play mode is kind of fickle. Sometimes I would go out of it if I pushed an input, other times I didn’t, with some even letting me alternate between the two without exiting the mode. This doesn’t matter if you have the combo stars already. Points are given at a fixed amount, so you don’t get more, or less, based off your combo. It’s also not currently possible to get full credit from level 14. Even with the stars, and the icon on the stage select screen, you’ll not receive full credit overall.

Every other stage should give all six stars on their first attempt with this method. This makes unlocking the other tasks a breeze, as you can also use this method get every other trophy/achievement. That being said, I believe three trophies are glitched (Fashionista, Jahn Teigen, Pessimist), though I unfortunately can not confirm they are.

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