Datamine Suggests Subscriptions Might Appear in Destiny 2 1

Datamine Suggests Subscriptions Might Appear in Destiny 2 [Updated]

Update: Confirmed Fake

Dataminer Elliott found a couple strings suggesting Bungie is considering a subscription service with the upcoming season 20.

The text, found below, mentioned an ad banner offering a Destiny 2 subscription in varying amounts.

\season_20\data\subscription_upsell_month1_ad_banner_000_004.v2.tif \season_20\data\subscription_upsell_month3_ad_banner_000_005.v2.tif \season_20\data\subscription_upsell_month6_ad_banner_000_006.v2.tif \season_20\data\subscription_upsell_month12_ad_banner_000_007.v2.tif

Datamined information

One of the banners were detailed, which mentioned it included the latest expansion, Lightfall, two dungeons and raids, premium content in year six, a special sparrow, Quicksilver Storm catalyst, ornament, and Rahool’s Secret Stash (four exotic accessories, and materials).

While there is no official confirming on what the goal of the subscription is, or even if it will be offered, this might not be as negative as it sounds.

Many players already consider the current model a pseudo-subscription. This isn’t surprising, as the detailed description seems to line up with the already revealed Lightfall Annual Pass edition.

The only difference between the two listings is Rahool’s Secret Stash. However, other sources report the “Premium Seasonal Content Bundle” as Rahool’s Secret Stash. These further detail the bundle as “1 cosmetic accessory, 2 Ascendant Alloys, 3 Ascendant Shards, 1 Exotic Cipher, and 5 Upgrade Modules,” per season.

Given this bundle works out to about $100 for a year of Destiny 2 content, it would place a monthly fee at roughly $8.2 a month. Other mentions peg the subscription as being aimed at newcomers, with it suggesting some of the previously released expansions are included.

This could address ongoing concerns about how inaccessible Destiny 2 is due to pricing, as the MSRP for all currently released content is $165. By bundling this with current content without requiring a $200 or so commitment would help a number of players on the fence.

Make sure to stay tuned for an additional details revealed about this subscription.

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