Foamstars Next Season will be Called Mysterious Swing 34534

Foamstars Next Season will be Called Mysterious Swing

Square Enix confirmed the third Foamstars season will be called Mysterious Swing. It starts on Apr. 12, and will run until May 17.

As previously revealed, Mysterious Swing adds Chloe Noir as a Foamstar, 20 new skins, and new extreme parties. I had the opportunity to play as her during last month’s Happy FriYAY Party, and she is an admittedly interesting addition.

Chloe Noir has a focus on aerial attacks, with a strong emphasis on decisive blows. She is very different from the current cast, one that will likely throw players off for a bit. Long term she will likely be a wild card, with her danger depending on how proficient someone is with her atypical kit.

Foamstars Next Season will be Called Mysterious Swing 345

Like previous Foamstars, Chloe Noir can be unlocked by purchasing the season pass, or hitting rank 31. Square Enix did not reveal how Coiff Guy will be unlocked going forward, but it will likely be a much smaller experience gate like Mel T was last season.

Similar to last month, there will be a free weekly item in the Foamstars shop. These include a character skin for Mel T, Foam Gun Skin for Jet Justice, and three other items.

Since season four does not include a new Foamstar, there are only two Extreme Parties to look forward to. One is the expected All Chloe Party, and a unique option called Bubbly Penguin Party. During this extreme party players must play as Penny Gwyn, and are limited to  Toboggan Bomb and Emperor March skills. It sounds like an interesting concept compared to those in the past.

Finally, this season’s ranked events are the single player Ranked Party Lonestar, and team-based Ranked Party Tribe-Vibe. If these sound familiar, they are the same events used as Groovy Disco, and the original season, Starry Pop.

Foamstars Next Season will be Called Mysterious Swing 34534

While this is the weakest season according to the roadmap, next season should be a bit more exciting with new Squad Missions, and maps.

The official overview for Foamstars can be found below. For a more detailed overview, feel free to check out our review, or the follow up article based off Groovy Disco.

Foamstars Overview

Get ready to join the foam-blasting frenzy in the new 4v4 foam-party shooter, as you blast through battles using foam to attack, build and defend! 

FOAMSTARS combines the fun of partying with the thrill of combat, as you blast through battles with a mysterious foam that stays where it lands!

Attack your opponents by dousing them with foam! 
Hit them enough and they’ll get foamed up, leaving them completely defenseless.

Shape the landscape with foam as it builds and alters the terrain around you. Give your team the upper hand, and keep your opponents on their toes!

Once you’ve got an opponent foamed up, slide into them at high speed with your slide board to secure the chill.
If someone on your team is foamed up, use a slide kick to rescue them

Of the many great athletes taking part in FOAMSMASH, only those few with enough charisma and skill will be crowned FOAMSTARS.

Each FOAMSTAR uses their own unique foam gun and skill set to fight.

In addition to 4v4 competitive matches with multiple game modes, take on missions to protect Bath Vegas from an onslaught of Bubble Beasties. Fight solo and learn more about the characters in FOAMSTAR Mission or work together with up to 3 friends in Squad Mission.

Party your way in FOAMSTARS.

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