Destiny 2 Subscription Datamine Confirmed Fake 1

Destiny 2 Subscription Datamine Confirmed Fake

Last week Destiny 2 dataminer Elliott supposedly found references to a subscription in the files link to the following season. The news was met with mixed reactions, with some people frustrated with potential negatives, and others hopeful this would address concerns about the new light experience. Following countless reactions to the news, Elliott confirmed his post was fake.

Was gonna just let this keep on going, but since it grew really large and people are actually worried outside of the server we just wanted to formally apologize and admit that we trolled everyone. This will probably make a lot of people angry, but it was all meant to be done non maliciously. If there’s any future joke posts ill label them from now on. For future fact checking nothing outside of the current season can be datamined (this may change in LF but doubtful).


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