Mark Delaney Offers Some Insight into How the Blue Box Conspiracy Came to Be 1

Mark Delaney Offers Some Insight into How the Blue Box Conspiracy Came to Be

Last year was a rather interesting time for gaming. Everything was getting delayed, there were questions in regards to things returning to normal and during this time an unusual game called Abandoned was announced.

Initially people found the post weird for a myriad of reasons, resulting in theories that Hasan was a front for Hideo Kojima. Previously Kojima pulled similar marketing stunts, with players slowly piecing together a wide variety of clues. We started covering the conspiracy once things hit their peak. There was a sizable range of evidence, some unexpected coincidences, with it eventually fizzling when players became convinced there was nothing to see.

Since we dropped the story around the same time last year, there was news of the game changing multiple times, supposed death threats, hackers taking over his site, more promises and a general weirdness to most reveals. There was also some rather interesting reveals, like Reddit user Th3Ripp3r explaining what happened with the audio file or a series of files being leaked that left players baffled, with the latest offering a lot of insight into the matter.

In a featured article for GameSpot, Mark Delaney, perhaps better known by his Reddit account SLEEPUNDERGR0UND, throughly researched the various stories, claims and events, resulting in a fascinating piece that starts to explain how Abandoned went from a simple indie game to one of the biggest stories of 2021.

Following the article going live, a number of other people involved in the event offered support to Delaney. So far Hasan Kahraman, founder of Blue Box Game Studios, has made no comment on the article or news, but since all of the tweets on his personal Twitter account have been deleted. If nothing else, it makes for an interesting end to this wild ride.

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