Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.1 launches Mid-April

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.1 launches Mid-April

Following the success of Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker expansion, Square Enix announced at their recent Letter from the Producer Live broadcast that Patch 6.1 will be launching sometime in mid-April 2022.

Some of the highlights of Final Fantasy XIV 6.1 includes a new main scenario quests that will mark a new chapter for the Warriors of Light. It will also have a new role quest, a new housing area, a new dungeon, a new trial, and of course the highly-anticipated Alliance raid called Myths of the Realm #1.

Find below the list of things coming to Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.1:

  • New Main Scenario Quests – Patch 6.1 will mark the start of a new chapter for Warriors of Light.
  • “Tataru’s Grand Endeavor” – The spotlight falls upon Tataru in this new sidequest series, which will begin in Patch 6.1 and run until Patch 6.5.
  • New Role Quest – An additional story will become available after completing all Endwalker role quests.
  • PvP Updates – New PvP content known as Crystalline Conflict, PvP action updates, and a new rewards system will be implemented.
  • New Housing Area – Plots in Empyreum, the new Ishgardian residential district, will become available for purchase.
  • The Unending Codex – A new glossary of characters and terms up through Patch 6.0 can be unlocked in the main scenario of Patch 6.1. All characters and terms will not be immediately available, with new entries added as the story unfolds.
  • New Dungeon – Further details to be announced at a later date.
  • New Trial – The Endsinger’s Aria.
  • New Unreal Trial – Ultima’s Bane (Unreal).
  • New 24-Player Alliance Raid – Myths of the Realm #1.
  • Miscellaneous Updates – Additional content including job adjustments, New Game+ for Endwalker and a portion of 6.1, new Hrothgar hairstyles, more glamour plates, the ability to try on items from the FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Store and more.

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker is available now for PS4, PS5, and PC via Steam, Windows, and Mac.

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