Foamstars Future Funk Now Available; New Pricing Revealed on DLC 34534

Foamstars Future Funk Now Available; New Pricing Revealed on DLC

Foamstars latest season, Future Funk, is now available for all players to enjoy.

Unlike last month’s weak offerings, Future Funk adds three new maps to explore. These include a dark Japanese location called Manami An, Sing Swing Circus, and the spooky Ghoulish Glide Graveyard. Each location is limited to one of the three modes, which is unfortunate, but expected.

A number of costumes were also added, though they suffer from a similar problem as last season. While most of the new costumes are unlocked by winning matches as a set player, the total is set to one, and feature a new design instead of just covering the character in metal.

Foamstars Future Funk Now Available; New Pricing Revealed on DLC 34534

Since this is the first season without a new character the season pass is a bit less exciting. Unfortunately, instead of adding an additional reward players simply get a new costume for hitting rank 31.

On June 21 Square Enix will adjust the price of the following Shop items.

New Foamstars Shop Prices

CategoryItemPrice (Current)Price (New)
Bundle SetSoa Special Set$44.99$24.99
Bundle SetΔGITO Special Set$44.99$24.99
Bundle SetTonix Special Set$44.99$24.99
Bundle SetJet Special Set$44.99$24.99
Bundle SetPenny Gwyn Special Set$44.99$24.99
Bundle SetRave Breaker Special Set$44.99$24.99
Bundle SetThe Baristador Special Set$44.99$24.99
Bundle SetMel T Special Set$44.99$24.99
Bundle SetCoiff Guy Special Set$44.99$24.99
Character SkinsCheerleader$10.99$6.99
Character SkinsNinja: Kuro$10.99$6.99
Character SkinsSteampunk$10.99$6.99
Character SkinsGalaxy Jet Armor$10.99$6.99
Character SkinsNight Mission$10.99$6.99
Character SkinsRegret$10.99$6.99
Character SkinsMr. Vegas$10.99$6.99
Character SkinsLovely Cooking$10.99$6.99
Character SkinsMechanical Coiff Guy$10.99$6.99
SlideboardsSoa Art$3.99$2.99
SlideboardsΔGITO Art$3.99$2.99
SlideboardsTonix Art$3.99$2.99
SlideboardsJet Justice Art$3.99$2.99
SlideboardsPenny Gwyn Art$3.99$2.99
SlideboardsRave Breaker Art$3.99$2.99
SlideboardsThe Baristador Art$3.99$2.99
SlideboardsMel T Art$3.99$2.99
SlideboardsCoiff Guy Art$3.99$2.99
SlideboardsHokusai Wave$3.99$2.99
SlideboardsBubble Graffiti$3.99$2.99
SlideboardsFish Bone$3.99$2.99
SlideboardsFoam Up!$3.99$2.99
SlideboardsDuck Toy$3.99$2.99
Foam Gun SkinsCheerleader$3.49$1.99
Foam Gun SkinsNinja: Kuro$3.49$1.99
Foam Gun SkinsSteampunk$3.49$1.99
Foam Gun SkinsGalaxy Jet Armor$3.49$1.99
Foam Gun SkinsNight Mission$3.49$1.99
Foam Gun SkinsRegret$3.49$1.99
Foam Gun SkinsMr. Vegas$3.49$1.99
Foam Gun SkinsLovely Cooking$3.49$1.99
Foam Gun SkinsMechanical Coiff Guy$3.49$1.99
EmotesDisco Fever$5.49$2.49
EmotesRain Maker$3.99$1.99
EmotesSealed Evil Eye$3.99$1.99
EmotesAir Guitar$5.49$2.49
EmotesCute Selfie$3.99$1.99
Digital StickersWings$2.49$1.49
Digital StickersShinobi: Ninja$2.49$1.49
Digital StickersRubber Duck$2.49$1.49
Digital StickersSoa Style$2.49$1.49
Digital StickersΔGITO Style$2.49$1.49
Party PoppersParty Popper: Stars$0.99$0.49
Party PoppersParty Popper: Stars x10$5.99$3.99
Party PoppersParty Popper: Stars x30$14.99$10.99
Square Enix

Finally, this month’s Happy Friyay Party confirmed the next Foamstar will be Ramzey. Given he was the central antagonist in mission mode the choice isn’t too surprising. He is the first dual wield character, complete with puppet guns, a sheep grenade, sheep blockade, and can briefly transform into Dark Ramzey for additional attack power and explosive attack for his super.

Foamstars Future Funk Now Available; New Pricing Revealed on DLC 345345

He will be available in the upcoming fifth season, along with new costumes and a Squad Mission update. It’s not clear what exactly the Squad Mission update will entail, though based off the patch notes for version 4.10 it will just be new challenges that reward players for finishing more of them.

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