MultiVersus Players Express Concerns About Latest Patch 09

MultiVersus Players Express Concerns About Latest Patch

Player First Games confirmed Rick Sanchez, from Rick and Morty, will finally join the fight and with him released the latest set of changes coming to MultiVersus.

The patch notes included some positive things, like the inclusion of Tiger Millionaire, Steven Universes wrestling persona, and two Reindog skins, including one that can be purchased for gold. The free tutorial unlockable character was also changed from Wonder Woman to Shaggy, a rather common criticism given you actually play as Shaggy in the tutorial. However, among the good things was one note that got a strong reaction from the community.

For players unsure what exactly this means, the change will make it harder to get the most of each character. At level four, seven, eight and 10 through 13 players unlock new perks. These can be extremely helpful for refining the experience or getting the most of them, especially at level eight, 10 and 12 when a characters signature perk is unlocked. Level six is also rather impactful, since it gives players access to their partners perks, vastly increasing their potential, even if they’re brand new or simply on a new character.

In making this change, it will take new and existing players longer to make full use of every character. In turn, this can make it harder to get into the game or discourage newer players from really trying everyone, something that might decrease the player base further.

While many players are hopeful this will come with a rework, either unannounced and included tomorrow or sometime in the future, where players are given additional benefits beyond level 15. Either small things, such as toasts, to more complicated items like a perk training item every now and then.

At this time Player First Games has not commented on the criticism, which will likely get more vocal when more players realize the change.

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