Rainbow Six Siege Crossover With Halo Makes Master Chief an Operator

Rainbow Six Siege Crossover With Halo Makes Master Chief an Operator

Rainbow Six Siege is no stranger to crossovers. We have seen events bring in characters from across the Tom Clancy universe, as well as more unusual additions. Of the latter, we have seen the likes of Nier and Yakuza enter the competitive FPS. Hell, even Rick and Morty have shown up in Ubisoft’s shooter. And yet, today’s crossover reveal still seems the most odd.

As the earlier rumors claimed, Rainbow Six Siege is welcoming Spartan-117 into its lineup as an elite operator skin. The Halo cosmetics turn longtime operator Sledge into the iconic Master Chief. The premium pack not only allows players to don the unmistakable green Mjolnir armor, but it comes teeming with other Halo cosmetics. For example, Sledge’s breaching hammer becomes a Banished Gravity Hammer.

The same type of visual overhauls also apply to his M590A1 shotgun, L825A2 assault rifle and P226 MK25 pistol. And they can all be adorned with a Cortana Chibi charm. Needless to say, you’ll have everything you need to feel like the Demon, as the Covenant often say.

Of all the crossovers, there’s something jarring about seeing our beloved super soldier appear in Rainbow Six Siege (and I’ve seen people play as Pickle Rick). In a time where Spawn is a Call of Duty operator and virtually every available IP has found its way into Fortnite, maybe this shouldn’t be too surprising.

If you want to add the Master Chief aesthetic to your Siege lineup, it’ll set you back a whopping 2,403 R6 Credits.

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