Rumor: Master Chief Skin is Coming to Rainbow Six Siege 23423

Rumor: Master Chief Skin is Coming to Rainbow Six Siege

Klobrille, a X (Twitter) devoted to first-party Xbox and Bethesda coverage, posted footage of a supposed Rainbow Six Siege skin of Master Chief.

According to the post and accompanying video, this is an elite skin for Sledge. For those unfamiliar with the terminology, an elite skin is an optional skin that players can purchase with credits.

Unfortunately, a date, price, or even skins were revealed for this skin. However, it will likely come with Operation Heavy Mettle, which releases on Aug. 29.

This season, protect those who don’t have your strength and remain loyal to those who put their faith in you with the launching of Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Heavy Mettle! Our newest Attacker, Ram, comes to us from South Korea and is ready to join the ranks of Redhammer. An ambitious and trustworthy soldier, she comes with the Bu-Gi Auto-Breacher, a deployable mini-tank that’s sure to take everything down in its path.

Official Overview

More information about Rainbow Six Siege can be found below.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Siege is an elite, realistic, tactical team-based shooter where superior planning and execution triumph. It features 5v5 attack vs. defense gameplay and intense close-quarters combat in destructible environments.

Engage in a brand-new style of assault using an unrivaled level of destruction and gadgetry. 
On defense, coordinate with your team to transform your environments into strongholds. Trap, fortify and create defensive systems to prevent being breached by the enemy.
On attack, lead your team through narrow corridors, barricaded doorways and reinforced walls. Combine tactical maps, observation drones, rappelling and more to plan, attack and defuse every situation.

Choose from dozens of highly trained, Special Forces operators from around the world. Deploy the latest technology to track enemy movement. Shatter walls to open new lines of fire. Breach ceilings and floors to create new access points. Employ every weapon and gadget from your deadly arsenal to locate, manipulate and destroy your enemies and the environment around them.

Experience new strategies and tactics as Rainbow Six Siege evolves over time. Change the rules of Siege with every update that includes new operators, weapons, gadgets and maps. Evolve alongside the ever-changing landscape with your friends and become the most experienced and dangerous operators out there.

Compete against others from around the world in ranked match play. Grab your best squad and join the competitive community in weekly tournaments or watch the best professional teams battle it out in the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League.

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