Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is Making the Jump from Mobile to PC

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is Making the Jump from Mobile to PC

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis was built for Android and iOS first, but it isn’t destined to stay locked to mobile forever. Square Enix has made it known that a PC port is officially underway, bringing the incredible exploits of young Sephiroth to Valve’s ever-popular digital storefront. While a specific date is not yet known, would-be players can look forward to the experience breaking its mobile shackles in the future.

For those who already have already embedded themselves in Square Enix‘s mobile gacha game since its launch earlier this month, you can rest assured that your progress can be carried over to the upcoming PC version. Additionally, the retro stylized graphics are likely to ensure you won’t be needing a cutting edge PC to run your solo or co-op adventure.

If you haven’t followed the specifics of Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, here’s the official synopsis:

Relive the most memorable moments from FFVII and experience the journey of a young hero Sephiroth.

Experience both classic and new stories within the FFVII universe presented in a retro-style look combined with modern, beautifully rendered graphics, that’s easily accessible on the go. Team up your favorite characters and customize each one with iconic gear and weapons to defeat powerful opponents in Solo or Co-op battle mode.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis managed an impressive pre-registration count exceeding one million. Let’s see what numbers its Steam debut can conjure up.

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