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Bungie Details Destiny 2: Into the Light in Year 10 and Clan Changes

This week in Destiny addressed a number of concerns about Destiny 2: Into the Light after Destiny 2: The Final Shape releases, confirmed Fireteam Finder will leave its beta, and clan changes.

When Destiny 2: The Final Shape releases the Hall of Champions, Arctie 99-40 quests, and armor chests. While this content is leaving, Bungie confirmed the Parade armor, and Superblack shader will return in some capacity. Based off Bungie’s phrasing the new method will involve RNG, and will honor the original commitment it took to unlock said rewards.

Attunement will also leave with Destiny 2: The Final Shape, but the hope is to develop a new system to utilize it in the future. The current goal is to have it launch sometime during Echoes.

As previously revealed, the Limited-Edition ornaments will no longer be available after June 3. Bungie also expects to improve the grind by making later waves of Onslaught more rewarding. This update is being targeted for next week. Along with the ornament, the raid gauntlet Panthon will go away entirely, as will the BRAVE title.

The Whisper, Zero Hour, and all the content associated with it will remain playable following Destiny 2: The Final Shape. The same is true for the three PVP maps as well.

With Destiny 2: The Final Shape players will have more of a reason to join an active clan. The new benefits include discounted raid banners, additional experience/spoils/reputation, exotic engrams, and the ability to earn an Ascendant Alloy.

Finally, Bungie confirmed Fireteam Finder will leave beta with Destiny 2: The Final Shape. There will be a number of improvements, such as better feedback for leaders, Emoji in titles, and clearer menus.

More information about everything listed above, and more can be found below.


After the launch of The Final Shape on June 4, Guardians won’t have to wait too long to tackle the raid. The new raid will launch on June 7 at 10 AM PT. So gather your fireteam, gear up, and get ready!


We’re also delivering some new content and quality of life improvements to clans that we hope will breathe some life into the system and encourage players to play with their clanmates.

First up, Hawthorne will be receiving a vendor reputation track. Guardians can earn clan reputation by completing activities, with higher difficulty activities giving more progress and playing with clanmates giving a large bonus to progression.

Clan bounties are also getting some love, with the Nightfall bounty no longer requiring clan level 6 to claim. There will also be two new bounty types, one for Seasonal content and one for dungeons. All clan bounties will also grant some clan reputation.

The clan perks of yore had gotten a little stale, so they’re getting a full refresh. Check out the new perks below:

Clan  LevelPerk NameDescription
2Live Fire SaleRaid Banners sold from Hawthorne cost less.
3Bountiful BountiesThe first clan bounty completed each week grants an Exotic engram.
4Of Hawks and PigeonsRaid Rotator Challenges grant Spoils of Conquest. Trials wins grant additional Trials reputation.
5Weapon RitualistEarn bonus crafted weapon XP from completing ritual playlist activities.
6Alloy CompletionistCompleting all clan challenges in a week grants an Ascendant Alloy.

Lastly, clan XP is getting a rework on the backend to be more consistent along with some XP source tuning, so players should have an easier time consistently earning XP for their clans. If you’ve never been in a clan, now’s a great time to hop in and meet some new friends.


Earlier this week, we removed the beta tag from Fireteam Finder. We’re thrilled to reach this important milestone, with the feature set and performance reaching a place where we are comfortable moving it into its full release.

We first introduced Fireteam Finder in November with our raid stress tests. During those tests, the community showed up in droves to help us see how far we could push the system. We were happy to see how well the system performed under heavy use, and the testing helped us confirm that Fireteam Finder was ready for beta.

When we released the beta in December, we were pleased to see players immediately connect, forming fireteams and tackling all types of content together. We continued to work hard to make improvements and iterate based on your feedback including:  

  • Destiny Companion app and Bungie.net integration.
  • Updated Roster tab to display 12 players on each per page.
  • Improved screen-to-screen flow.
  • Improved feedback when submitting applications.
  • Legibility improvements on listing info.
  • Clearer indication of new pending applications for leaders.
  • Added emoji to listing titles.
  • Onslaught and Zero Hour options.
  • Over 60 additional bug fixes and other improvements.

But we aren’t done yet. We’re going to continue to develop and improve Fireteam Finder, just as we have these past few months. In the near term, we have new features like voice chat and lobby invites that you can look forward to. We wanted to give a big thank you to the community. We couldn’t have done it without you. From your participation during our testing phases to your feedback these past few months, your passion for helping us make this a great experience has been instrumental in getting us to this point. Please keep sharing your feedback.


With Destiny 2: Into the Light, we’ve introduced a variety of activities and rewards to celebrate the lead-up to The Final Shape. This includes a blend of limited-time content with activities and rewards that will continue to be available to players after the event ends. We’d like to give you a full breakdown of the content plan leading up to The Final Shape.


To start, we want to highlight the content that will only be available during Destiny 2: Into the Light.


Pantheon is our raid boss gauntlet that will be available from April 30 to June 3. With Pantheon, we wanted to create a unique and challenging event that players could test their mettle against, prior to our big battle in The Final Shape. Pantheon will offer a chance to earn a variety of emblems, and similar to the limited-time emblems we’ve made available in past Contest Raids, we expect the exclusivity of these emblems will make them highly sought after.

We’ve been thrilled to see the response to our reveal of Pantheon and know players are eager to jump in and play. While our initial stab at a boss gauntlet was always intended to be a time-limited event, we are eager to see player feedback about the mode to inform future plans.


The Godslayer title, earned through the Pantheon event, and the Brave title, earned through Destiny 2: Into the Light Triumphs, will also be limited-time rewards. As is the case with Moments of Triumph, these titles are meant to commemorate a unique moment of time and show others players your accomplishments during Destiny 2: Into the Light. When you see these in the future, you’ll know these are the Guardians that stood tall as we prepared to battle the Witness.


As we’ve previously mentioned, the limited-edition variants of the BRAVE arsenal weapons will only be available until June 3.


The Hall of Champions and associated content, such as the Arcite 99-40 quests, armor chests, and weapon attunement, will no longer be available after June 3. While the Hall of Champions will have served its purpose as a base of operations as we defend against the Witness’s forces before The Final Shape, some of the content associated with the Hall of Champions, like the Parade armor sets, will still be available in the future. Based on the reaction to Destiny 2: Into the Light, we’ve decided that the Superblack shader will return later on as well, but the best time to grab these rewards is before The Final Shape, while they have a deterministic path.

We really like the attunement experience so far, and while it won’t be available right at the launch of The Final Shape, we’re already working on bringing back a new attunement experience for BRAVE weapons sometime during Echoes.


There are new features and rewards in Destiny 2: Into the Light that we plan to keep around after the event ends.


The Onslaught activity and its BRAVE arsenal weapon rewards will move to Vanguard Ops as a dedicated playlist when The Final Shape releases. We are planning for weapon attunement to return in a new form sometime during Echoes.


All three of the new PvP maps arriving on May 7 will be sticking around after Destiny 2: Into the Light concludes.


These reprised Exotic missions will continue to be available and move to the Legends tab after June 3. The Exotic weapons and catalyst rewards from these missions will also still be available to earn from Eris Morn and Ada-1.


Finally, as mentioned above, the armor and shaders added in Destiny 2: Into the Light will be available to earn after June 3. We’ll have more details in the future on the new ways you can earn these rewards, but for items that take a good deal of time to earn like Superblack, we want to make sure we honor that commitment when we bring it back.

We’re hoping the full details of these activities will help you prioritize where you want to spend your time and what rewards you’d like to prioritize.

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