Little Devil Inside Proves it's Still Alive with a New Trailer 3453

Little Devil Inside Proves it’s Still Alive with a New Trailer

Neostream revealed development of Little Devil Inside is still underway despite speculation it was quietly cancelled.

In a tongue-in-cheek update titled “despite all,” they talked about the journey thus far, communication concerns, and more.

Little Devil Inside Kickstarter Update #47

Dear all,

Began with a dream of two brothers.
You supported.
We became a team, then grew into a company and tried many hands to make light work.

Along the way in all efforts to making a great game, many great people have come and gone.
People with respectable but different purposes and pursuits.

In sharing these differences and thoughts, we were sometimes touched and moved and sometimes in conflict.
We are responsible for not being able to embrace the differences.

And of course, sincere apologies to you all.

So now, we’re back to a smaller, bonded team with a single, common purpose – just to make a great game. 

And all our core founding and starting members still here with the duty and conscience to fulfill what we set out to do.

We know this doesn’t and shouldn’t justify for all the delays and lack of news but we’re still here, have been and always will be. 

Equipped with one tide turning fact – having gone the long way around, we are stronger. Much stronger.

We have genuinely started discussions regarding publishing and once this clears out, hopefully we’ll be able to answer what everyone wants to know.

Here, we’ve just strung together a series of gameplay clips representative of what we have been working on in the UE5 engine.

Kickstarter update

Following the message fans responses were mixed. Some were happy to see the project wasn’t cancelled, with other replies questioning the response itself. Several called out the lack of response, something that isn’t surprising given the last Kickstarter update was on Jun. 13, 2020. This is in addition to the project being in development so long one of the accomplished stretch goals was a Nintendo Wii U port.

Time will tell if this project ends up coming to fruition, but in the mean time there is a new trailer to see what progress they’ve made thus far.

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