Palworld Releases to Explosive Popularity and Tops Steam's Most Played List

Palworld Releases to Explosive Popularity and Tops Steam’s Most Played List

Palworld has been hailed as “Pokémon with guns,” but the game is a bit more than that and its really catching on with players. Over the weekend, the Early Access game (labeled Game Preview on Xbox) was met with a flood of players checking out the twisted open-world survival game. The wild and weird game has managed a peak player count of 1,570,002 on Steam alone — sales exceeded 5 million in its first three days accounting for Windows Store and Xbox Series X|S players.

To put that impressive player count in to perspective, which locks the game in at 3rd place in the all-time record at the time of writing, Palworld is only beaten out by Counter-Strike 2 and PUBG: Battlegrounds. That’s an extremely notable feat not only for an Early Access title, but one that has no affiliation with a pre-existing IP (even if it does draw allusions to the ever-popular Pokémon property).

Tokyo-based developer, PocketPair, can also add “most played Japanese-developed game on Steam” to their list of commendations, as Palworld‘s numbers were formidable enough to dethrone Elden Ring. From Software’s mega-hit is well over half a million away from Palword. Let that sink in for a moment.

As PocketPair continues to reinforce server stability for the sea of players trying to jump in, and is looking to bring the non-Steam versions up to par, there’s no doubt a lot desire to consume whatever content the developer plans to add to their game. We’ll be sure to continue covering Palworld as it progresses through its Early Access/Game Preview journey.

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