Rumor: Bulletstorm VR to be Refunded and Delisted from PlayStation Store 34534 34534

Bulletstorm VR to be Refunded and Delisted from Japanese and South Korean PlayStation Store (Updated)

Earlier today, reddit user Total-Alternative-15 mentioned getting a notification their purchase of Bulletstorm VR, which released yesterday, will be removed from the PlayStation Store and refunded.

Rumor: Bulletstorm VR to be Refunded and Delisted from PlayStation Store 34534

Following some confusion, as it is currently available for purchase in North America, they posted the notification they received. Unfortunately, the message is in Korean, but user orb_outrider offered a “rough translation” of the text.

Thank you for purchasing [BulletStom VR] from the PlayStation Store. 

Since its release, we have confirmed that it is a product that cannot be used, including unfinished content in the content of the product.

Therefore, we have canceled your product purchase and completed the refund of the purchase amount with the payment method you used for the purchase. If you can’t get a refund with your existing payment method, we’ll refund the purchase amount to your PlayStation Network wallet.

orb_outrider‘s rough translation

While we will likely need to wait a little longer to see what happens in other regions, this isn’t hard to believe given the overall impression of Bulletstorm VR is quite poor. In addition to a 2.66 star rating on the PlayStation Store, Steam reviews are equally negative with only 16 percent of the 30 reviews being positive.

One of the most notable reviews is by Hoshi82, who mentions content supposedly missing in the PC version.

– Missing content (that would have worked in VR with some effort)
Right at the start the prologue is stripped down, missing the grenade explosion sequence. The turret section is just a short clip in a pre-rendered video… speaking of

– Dialogues are cut down too with completely missing sections even in the prologue. Pretty sure they cut way more content further in the game

Hoshi82’s review

Reviews on Open Critic are somewhat less negative. Currently there are three, with two being 7/10 scores, and a single 5.5/10. These touch more on the struggles of the experience, or it being dated, over overwhelmingly bad content.

Unfortunately, we can’t comment on the experience, but it will be interesting to see if this ends up happening.

This is not the first time Sony has done something similar, as this was their response to overwhelming criticism of the PlayStation 4 version of Cyberpunk 2077.

Update: When checking the Korean version of the PlayStation Store the game is seemingly missing.

Rumor: Bulletstorm VR to be Refunded and Delisted from PlayStation Store 34534 34534 34534

It’s still not clear if this is limited to select regions, such as Korea, but we will update this post as more news becomes available.

Update 2: Following our initial post, Bulletstorm VR‘s reddit account confirmed the game was delisted from the Japanese, and South Korean PlayStation Stores because it was unable to obtain a rating.

👋🏻 The game is available in all appropriate countries except Japan and South Korea on PSVR2.

To clear things up, the game is not available in Japan and South Korea as it was unable to obtain a rating – too much blood and gore. Preorders (or even orders that went through briefly after launch) in those regions were automatically refunded.

The delist in those two countries is solely rating-related.

Reddit Post

Update 3: Bulletstorm‘s X (formerly Twitter) account posted a response to some of the criticism the VR version is currently getting.

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