Remnant 2: The Awakened King DLC Rises on November 14 34534

Remnant 2: The Awakened King DLC Rises on November 14

Gearbox Publishing and Gunfire Games confirmed Remnant 2‘s first DLC, The Awakened King, will release on Nov. 14.

Following the initial reveal, a blog post was made detailing what players can expect from Remnant 2: The Awakened King.

The Ominous Arrival

The tale begins when the One True King’s cursed castle materializes on the shores of a Dran coastal town. As the once-peaceful locale grapples with this otherworldly intrusion, the tides grow turbulent, and the weather spirals into chaos. From the depths of the abyss emerge creatures of untold horror, leaving in their wake an abundance of mysteries waiting to be unraveled.

A Brand New Storyline

In the upcoming DLC, players are thrust into a riveting new storyline, one that peels back the layers of intrigue surrounding the One True King. As survivors venture into a mysterious area within the expansive world of Losomn, they’ll be tasked with unearthing the secrets concealed in the shadows.

The Perilous Journey

Within this enigmatic location, survivors will navigate uncharted dungeons, acquiring potent equipment and forming unexpected alliances. Yet, their path is fraught with danger as they confront fresh threats in their relentless quest to reach the One True King and put an end to his reign of terror.

The Awakened King Features

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the exciting features to expect in The Awakened King DLC:

New Storyline, Dungeons, and Area in the World of Losomn: Delve deeper into the mysterious realm of Losomn, and uncover the harrowing narrative of the One True King, whose mind has been tainted by the Root’s corruption, driving him to seek revenge against those who oppose him.

Introducing The Ritualist Archetype: This new character archetype excels at utilizing status effects to torment their foes. Further details about this enigmatic figure will be unveiled as the DLC’s launch date draws near.

A Wealth of Items and Powerful Weapons: Equip your survivor with a wide array of new weapons, modifications, amulets, and rings, essential for survival in the perilous, redesigned Losomn.

New Bosses, Characters, and Fearsome Creatures: The ocean depths yield mysterious threats and survivors of unknown origin, adding new layers of challenge for players as they traverse the chaos-ridden streets.

Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey, confronting terror and uncovering the secrets that lie within. Stay tuned for updates and keep an eye on Remnant II for an experience like no other.

Blog Post

Those interested will be able to purchase Remnant 2: The Awakened King on Nov. 14 for $9.99 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, or PC. Those with the season pass ($24.99), or the Ultimate Edition, will receive this expansion and two more in 2024.

More information about Remnant 2 can be found in our review, along with the official overview below.

Unimaginable Worlds. Unrelenting Odds

Remnant II is the sequel to the best-selling game Remnant: From the Ashes that pits survivors of humanity against new deadly creatures and god-like bosses across terrifying worlds. Play solo or co-op with two other friends to explore the depths of the unknown to stop an evil from destroying reality itself. To succeed, players will need to rely on their own skills and those of their team to overcome the toughest challenges and to stave off humanity’s extinction.

A mix of methodical and frenetic ranged/melee combat returns with cunning enemies and large scale boss battles. Choose specific gear and weapons to optimize for the different biomes and battles ahead. Bosses will bring high-level players to team up to overcome the challenge and try to obtain the biggest rewards

Players can travel alone or with friends as a team through strange new worlds and beyond, overrun by mythical creatures and deadly foes while trying to stay alive. There are multiple worlds to explore with different types of creatures, weapons, and items. Utilize and upgrade discovered items to take on tougher challenges

Branching quest lines, augments, crafting, and loot rewards will test the resolve of even the most hardened players in dynamically generated dungeons and areas. Playthroughs will feel challenging, varied, and rewarding as players succeed against unrelenting odds. Various stories are woven throughout the different worlds, encouraging exploration and multiple revisits

Expanded Archetype system provides players with unique passive bonuses and stunning powers. Multiple Archetypes can be unlocked during play, leveled up, and equipped together for a variety of play styles

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