Gunfire Reborn – Elemental Damage Guide

Gunfire Reborn is a flashy and addictive roguelike FPS brimming with a colorful animal cast attempting to stay alive against increasingly difficult opposition. As our own review highlighted, the vibrant shooter boasts “good gunplay, charming weapons, and a lot of build potential.” In order to get the most out of the shooting mechanics on offer, players need to understand how elemental damage types work against enemies because it isn’t as straightforward as one might think.

Weapons picked up through each run in Gunfire Reborn can sport various elemental properties. These include, at the base level, fire, lightning and corrosive elements. Each element is effective against certain different aspects of enemies, meaning a well-rounded arsenal is the best approach to ensure having the right tool on-hand for each encounter.

Elemental Damage Guide

Let’s break down each elemental type, its associated effect and the advanced combinations available to players as they attempt to tear through the formidable baddies.

Basic Elements

Effective against: Unarmored & Unshielded
Effect: May inflicts Burn, causing damage over time

Effective against: Shields
Effect: May inflict Shock, increasing damage received by 10% from all sources

Effective against: Armor
Effect: May inflict Decay, causing a 50% reduction to movement speed

Fusion Elements

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s discuss elemental combinations. If an enemy is affected by two elemental statuses simultaneously, a new elemental fusion is born. Fusions offer enhanced effects, making them powerful strategies for dealing with the endless hordes.

Created by: Burn + Shock
Effect: Target turns hostile against their allies

Created by: Burn + Decay
Effect: Produces an explosive AoE

Created by: Decay + Shock
Effect: Stackable DoT that spreads to nearby enemies

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