Rumor: Spyro Characters Could be Coming to Crash Team Rumble 342

Rumor: Spyro Characters Could be Coming to Crash Team Rumble

Dataminers Shadowluigi37 and Ditto found references to Spyro characters in Crash Team Rumble.

According to Ditto, references to Spyro, Elora, and Ripto were found with gameplay tags. No models were found for Spyro or Elora, but one for Ripto and his weapon were found.

While this does not confirm they’ll be part of the second season, which is included with purchase of the Deluxe Edition, they’re likely a safe bet. In addition to having crossovers in the past, there are only so many potential Crash Bandicoot characters left. N.Gin and Ripper Roo were already confirmed for season one, so that only leaves a couple notable characters like Tiny Tiger, Koala Kong.

Based off other information found by Ditto, N.Gin will likely be added before Ripper Roo. Four of his costumes are present, compared to three for Ripper Roo.

Time will tell, but if nothing else it’s interesting to see these characters were considered for Crash Team Rumble.

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