Miasma Chronicles Review

If you own a Nintendo Switch, that console has been graced with two enjoyable tactical role-playing video games. The Switch recently saw the release of both the Front Mission 1st Remake as well as Advanced Wars 1+2: Reboot Camp too.

In order to not miss out on tactical role-playing games, publisher 505 Games has now released Miasma Chronicles recently. This new tactical role-playing game is exclusive to PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Sadly, this means you cannot play this game on last-generation hardware such as the PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

Even though this game is a current-gen exclusive, this does not necessarily mean it has the best-looking graphics. I mean the graphics are fine for what they offer, but it pales in comparison to AAA efforts of the likes of Horizon Forbidden West and Dead Island 2.  

While the in-game environments look passable for the most part, the only major issue I had with the visuals are the facial animations. The in-game character models look weird whenever there are cutscenes and human characters are talking. The lip-syncing just looks off when compared to the detail of the environments.

In terms of its setting and story, I was intrigued by Miasma Chronicles’ story from the very start. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic America where the place has been overrun by a thing called Miasma. You play as a young man named Elvis who is joined by a highly charismatic yellow robot called Diggs.

Elvis is no normal human because he has a special glove on his hand that can somewhat control Miasma. Elvis’ mother has disappeared in the miasma and he is on a quest to reunite with her. Elvis has to be careful though because he’s not the only person that is seeking his mother.

One of the main enemies that Elvis and Diggs have to face is some ugly-looking frog creatures. There are other types of enemies in this game, but these are the ones that you will have to face for the majority of the time.

Later in the story, Elvis and Diggs are joined by a mysterious young sniper girl named Jade. She too is on a journey to try and find Elvis’ mother for her own personal reasons. All in all, these three make a good and unlikely team.

Gameplay-wise, Miasma Chronicles is quite unique compared to other turn-based style RPGs. One of the game’s biggest gimmicks is its liberal use of stealth mechanics. The game features a segmented open world so you can control the characters and choose when and where they want to attack. You’re not just put into a set location like other tactical RPGs.

The cool thing about the stealth mechanics is that you can get the upper hand on the enemy teams. For example, I can choose to place Jade on a rooftop so she can snipe enemies from afar. As for the other two, I usually leave them behind cover so that they can surround and flank the enemies.

Your characters have two turns each before you have to wait and see what the enemy does during their turn. Two turns are quite generous because this gives you time to move wherever you want before you may decide to shoot back.

If you are struggling with a set of enemies, you can choose to bypass them during non-mandatory fights. I remember I was getting frustrated with a bunch of enemies because they kept respawning. Instead of facing them head-on, I decided to use the game’s stealth mechanics to walk around and avoid fighting altogether. Bear in mind, you can only do this sometimes because some fights are mandatory to progress. Not to mention, fighting is useful because you need to level up in order to get more abilities and skills.

There is one major thing I hate about combat and this is when your characters start missing their shots like they’re Stormtroopers from Star Wars. I recall playing as both Elvis and Diggs and I made them move next to the enemy soldiers. Both of them kept missing point-blank shots for no reason. Jade on the other hand kept missing her shots too even though she has a sniper rifle which should have good aiming.

I understand if the characters missed their shots if the enemy was far away or hiding behind cover. However, I hate if the characters shoot in the air if the enemy is literally in front of their faces. This happens all the time in this game and it’s super frustrating.

Even though this game has multiple difficulty settings, Miasma Chronicles is still a hard game regardless. You really have to have good knowledge of tactical RPG-style games if you want to succeed. If you’re a novice in this genre like me, you may need to watch YouTube for guides as this game is no walk in the park.

Miasma Chronicles Review Verdict

Miasma Chronicles: All in all, Miasma Chronicles is mostly an enjoyable tactical RPG thanks to its likable set of characters and interesting story. The only major thing that holds the game down is its RNG mechanics when it comes to combat. Constantly missing close-range shots ruins what could have been a better experience for me. jbl316

von 10

[Editor’s Note: Miasma Chronicles was reviewed on the PlayStation 5, and a copy was provided to us for review purposes.]

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