This is the Weekend to Grind Destiny 2's Trial of Osiris for The Immortal 111

This is the Weekend to Grind Destiny 2’s Trial of Osiris for The Immortal

Last week The Immortal took Destiny 2 by storm. The unexpected strand based SMG turned out to be extremely good in PVP, and pretty good in PVE. So much so Destiny Tracker lists The Immortal (Adept) as the most used PVP weapon at the moment, with the non-adept version in the top 20.

What makes this week special is a couple important things. The biggest is double experience, which means ranking up takes half as long as it would normally. In addition to that, The Immortal currently listed as a reward for reaching rank 10 is what many players consider the PVE “god roll.”

With all the current Strand based mods under the seasonal artifact, it’s the best time to get it. The only thing to keep in mind is Bungie has already confirmed they’re going to address Aggressive Frame SMGs like The Immortal in the future.

For those curious how long it approximately takes, I unlocked it on my 23rd match. It will go faster if you win more often, as will ensuring you get at least one kill per match.

Once you unlock The Immortal you can keep rerolling to see what other perks you get. I happened to get one with Rangefinder and Target Lock, which is the most commonly used archetype at the moment.

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