How to Unlock Coop in Trinity Trigger 3

How to Unlock Coop in Trinity Trigger

I was surprised to see Trinity Trigger opted to support coop play. Games like this typically don’t support multiplayer, so the ability to play with your friends is greatly appreciated. However, even though you might want to play with others, coop needs to be unlocked. This can be long, and also annoying, especially if you have someone waiting to go. With this in mind, we wanted to simplify the process by explaining how to unlock coop in Trinity Trigger.

How to Unlock Coop in Trinity Trigger

Coop is unlocked as a natural part of progression. It will officially unlock when the third party member Zantis joins you. This is something that happens after the second dungeon/unlocks with the trophy/achievement The War Oracle. To put a number on it, I would say it’s about two and a half hours into the adventure.

After they join, you finish their dialogue, and all of that fun stuff there will be a tutorial on how to play as Zantis, followed by an explanation of multiplayer.

How to Control Coop Play

Despite saying “main menu,” what Trinity Trigger actually means is the main in-game menu.

After enabling coop play you’ll have the option of two or three players. It won’t say anything else, and just work. To actually have someone join, simply connect/activate a controller. It will instantly take control of one AI controlled character, and work normally.

To disable, click coop play until it gives a prompt telling you it’s turning off. Accepting this will lock everyone else out, and give you full control.

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