How to Defeat Demonic Liu Bei in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty 1

How to Defeat Demonic Liu Bei in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Liu Bei is another boss that combines several annoying aspects from other Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty bosses. He is fast, does a lot of damage, and completely unrelenting. This is a fight where everything is decided in a moment, making it fairly stressful at the end.

How to Defeat Demonic Liu Bei in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Set Up

Since this stage is broken up into two parts, you can find one Dragon Cure Pot upgrade, and three of both flag types in the first section. In this section you can find the remaining four battle, and one marking flags, plus another Dragon Cure Pot.

The upgrade in this section is above the grave pictured above. You shouldn’t have an issue finding it, though due to the color it’s easy to miss.

As for the boss, since he does lightning attacks, Wood resistance helps a lot. You also need to gain a lot of spirit damage quickly, so anything that helps there will go far.

Defeating Demonic Liu Bei

Simply put, this fight sucks. Liu Bei is hard to hit, moves around a lot, with a lot of lightning attacks you need to avoid/jump over. Even his critical hits are annoying, as you need to perform them multiple times in succession to actually damage him.

Despite this, the best tactic is to wait for openings, and deal damage. He takes a lot of spirit damage, though like some of the other bosses it slowly diminishes. You need a lot of forward momentum to defeat him, and there really isn’t any other way than to be aggressive.

If you’re in a pinch it also helps to have Qinglong. You can be somewhat reckless in the healing pool, perfect for burning him down at the end, or just bringing your partners back from the brink. Finally, if things go really south, this stage has level nine upgrade materials you can use to last a little longer.

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