How to Defeat Thunderlord Zhang Liao in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty 1

How to Defeat Thunderlord Zhang Liao in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Beating The Fearless Blade version of Zhang Liao is significantly more difficult than his original appearance in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Thanks to his lightning buff, he has unflinching, gear spirit recovery, and massive area of effect range. He can still be bested, though it will take some skill to get it done.

How to Defeat Thunderlord Zhang Liao in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Set Up

Since this is just a boss battle, you’re best off getting as much thunder resistant gear as possible.

Defeating Thunderlord Zhang Liao

This fight has two distinctly different phases. The first involves a lightning enhanced Zhang Liao, with the other being the same pushover you defeated in the past.

When he has lightning surrounding his weapon, he is basically untouchable. Not only is he unflinching, every attack has a massive area of effect. With no lightning resistance at level 100 he almost one shots me, so this is not a fight you’ll want to take chances on. He also gains back a substantial amount of spirit if you let him land a hit.

To best him, avoid everything he does at all costs. He will rush, make massive explosions, and more in hopes of killing you. Eventually he will get tired of this and use a critical hit. If you want to have a chance of defeating him, you must deflect it. Typically he will follow up with another, which you can then round out by pushing him over the edge for the stun. Do not chance it and just take the critical hit.

After taking that substantial hit he will return to his base form. This one can be overwhelmed by attacking a lot, though it doesn’t take long for him to use his lightning powers. The rest of the fight is dealing with his transformed state, and deflecting critical hits. If you can consistently do it you’ll eventually win, but if you can’t this is a fight you’ll need a lot of resistance to overcome.

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