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The Real Insider Revealed to be YouTuber Dan Allen Gaming [Updated]

A little over a week ago, a new leaker, called The Real Insider, surprised players by revealing the names of the latest Assassin’s Creed games. This information was met with a healthy amount of skepticism, with Bloomberg writer, Jason Schreier, initially calling the leaks fake before admitting he was wrong and confirming the information. Shortly after Ubisoft announced these titles and added credibility to The Real Insider.

Since then The Real Insider mentioned a few other things, like claiming he saw things related to Silent Hill, with the conversation about them changing yesterday afternoon.

In reply to a comment made to The Real Insider, Dan Allen Gaming noted it was someone else. Normally, this might get overlooked, but Schreier and others decided to look into their actions and noticed a number of coincidences between Dan Allen Gaming and The Real Insider.

While several of the tweets and comments were removed, RhasegonVT saved the original comment and a few notable parts that suggest the two might be the same person.

Shortly after, both Dan Allen Gaming and The Real Insider’s Twitter accounts were taken down. To many this confirmed suspicions that they’re the same person, but speculation ended when Dan Allen Gaming reinstated his Twitter account and issued the following apology.

While it’s impossible to say what the future holds, it will be interesting to see what, if anything, happens.

Update: Sometime after posting this article Dan Allen Gaming set his profile back on private and decided to do a formal apology on his YouTube channel.

The contents touch on the fallout of the event, his feelings and reasoning for what occurred. Among the most interesting is confirmation that his rumors about Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill, which included a rather cryptic ARG, is, as he puts it in the video “no NDA are involved,” before going on to say it’s all “bullshit.”

So if you were hopeful this reveal added credibility to those rumors, that unfortunately does not seem to be the case, even if there are still plenty of rumors of several titles in development.

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