V Rising: How to Get Leather

V Rising has taken the PC community by storm. The Early Access vampire survival game has already garnered the attention of over 1,000,000 budding blood suckers. Those getting started on their dreams of becoming as mighty as Dracula himself have a ways to go before reaching that coveted peak over power.

The journey begins small and budding vampires are likely to find themselves wondering how to acquire leather for early crafting recipes. We have you covered on that front so read on.

How to Get Leather in V Rising

To get started, make sure you have crafted a Blood Altar within your castle. Once complete, use it to track the level 20 boss named Keely the Frost Archer. One of the five rewards for defeating Keely is the Tannery (cost: 8 planks, 160 animal hide), a new crafting station which is responsible for the development of leather. A single piece of leather can be crafted at your new Tannery using 16 animal hide.

Now you are well on your way to getting those humble castle beginnings upgraded to something more formidable, and fitting for a vampire of your soon-to-be stature.

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