New World – How to Fix Steam Achievements Not Unlocking

Glitched achievements can be the bane of the completionist. Among the handful of woes afflicting Amazon Games’ debut MMO, New World, is one particularly annoying bug blocking the unlocking of Steam achievements.

New Aeternum explorers may find that while in-game achievements are unlocking without issue, that familiar bottom-right corner pop-up isn’t appearing for their Steam equivalents. I can personally attest to this problem, as I spent the first 20 hours of my New World adventure barred from earning all but three Steam achievements — oddly enough, the game was “kind” enough to grant me the achievement for dying.

For anyone stuck in a similar situation, here’s how you can get the in-game and Steam achievement lists to align.

How to Fix Steam Achievements Not Unlocking

The simplest way to remedy this achievement glitch is by creating an alternate character. Quickly put together this throwaway character and get them past the opening cutscenes. Once the character is on the beach where the initial tutorial takes place, all Steam achievements earned on your main character should start flooding through.

If you experience further issue with achievements not unlocking, the steps outlined above can be repeated as needed to refresh the communication between New World and Steam achievements.

New World is now available on PC.

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