How to Cross Oil and Visit Sol in Biomutant

Typically in a game like Biomutant, if the solution isn’t obvious, you probably haven’t done the right quest yet. There are a good number of hidden items, advanced content, secret weapons, and more but one thing you don’t unlock is a way to cross the oil. After a while all your quests, including the delightful book-loving nerd Sol, making it seem impossible. However, the trick is actually rather easy to miss.

Here’s our guide on How to Cross Oil and Visit Sol in Biomutant

How to cross Oil

The trick to getting to the other side is actually a rather crafty use of psi-powers. Instead of trying to find a way to cross the water or survive the effects, you actually need the skill Levitate.

How to Cross Oil and Visit Sol in Biomutant - Screenshot 01

This skill allows players to float, which is enough to make it to the other side, though it also isn’t that simple either.

Where should I cross?

Outside of a couple specific spots, all you’ll find on the other side is a wall and likely fail to climb back up. To make it easier on everyone, the map below shows where you want to cross.

How to Cross Oil and Visit Sol in Biomutant - Screenshot 02

The basic idea is you want to start around where the arrow starts at, double jump, do a little gliding and then levitate across. Taking too long can sometimes result in a harder fall, which, if you touch the water you’ll almost certainly sink to your death. This means you need a decent amount of Ki to be successful.

Obtaining more Ki Energy

Before you worry about obtaining Ki, the most I needed was about 400 to make it to the other side. This might sound like a lot, though I did it without investing anything in Ki. Instead, I changed my armor specifically for crossing the waters.

How to Cross Oil and Visit Sol in Biomutant - Screenshot 03

I have 708 Ki in this image, which is more than enough to make it across, even with less than optimal positioning. While I can’t point to where to find these items specifically, I included their names in the event you want to purchase them along the way.

  • Ronin Hat
  • Moor Shoulderpad
  • Dark Leather Dou
  • Dark Jeans
  • Playloud

Once you make it to the other side, make sure to visit Snollie and Sol to gain fast travel locations. These will remove your need to cross the water again and simplify any tasks that may or may not need to be done over there.

For more guides on How to Cross Oil and Visit Sol in Biomutant, check back with us this week!

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