How to recruit Lam in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes FeATURED

How to recruit Lam in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Lam is among the 120 characters available for recruitment in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. While she is one of the many straightforward recruits, a known bug may prevent players from recruiting her if certain conditions are met. Despite developers’ assurances of fixing the bug, some early access players still encounter issues with recruiting Lam despite attempting the standard method.

How to recruit Lam in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

To recruit Lam successfully without triggering the bug, follow these steps:


To recruit Lam, ensure you have already recruited her long-lost friend, Riufan, in the town of Hishahn.

Begin by locating Riufan in the northwestern area of Hishahn, where he can be found indulging by the waterwheel. To enlist his aid, Nowa must be at least level 32. Should you find yourself lacking in levels, you can either engage in some level grinding outside Hishahn or venture to The Seacavern, situated in the northeast region of Euchrisse.

Once Nowa reaches level 32, return to Riufan’s location. He will then challenge Nowa to a one-on-one duel. Overcome Riufan in combat, and he will agree to join your cause.

Conditions to recruit Lam

How to recruit Lam in Eiyuden Chronicle: 
 Hundred Heroes  - Daphan Village
Only enter Daphan if you have recruited Riufan and triggered the scene in Hero’s Den

Now that Riufan has joined your ranks, it’s time to recruit Lam. You’ll find her in Daphan Village, situated in the northeastern reaches of Hishahn. Exercise caution when journeying to Daphan, ensuring you’re fully prepared to recruit Lam. Visiting Daphan prematurely and interacting with Lam beforehand may inadvertently trigger the bug, rendering her unrecruitable until the developers have definitively addressed the issue.

How to recruit Lam in Eiyuden Chronicle: 
 Hundred Heroes  - Hero's Den
Find Riufan in the Hero’s Den of your headquarters

To start recruiting Lam, talk to Riufan in your headquarters at the Hero’s Den (Inn). Riufan will mention a potential recruit he has known for a long time and will tell you to bring him when you go to Daphan Village.

How to recruit Lam in Eiyuden Chronicle: 
 Hundred Heroes  - Meet Lam
This will be the scene if you did not trigger the bug

Proceed to Daphan Village, where you’ll encounter two scenes. The first scene introduces the village, a customary occurrence when exploring a new area for the first time. Following this, Riufan will discuss the friend he hopes to reunite with.

Upon completion of the scenes, locate Lam in the northwestern section of the village, identifiable by her red attire. If you’ve successfully avoided triggering the bug, a brief interaction between Riufan and Lam will ensue. However, if the bug has been triggered, no interaction scene will occur; instead, Lam will inquire, “Yes? Do you need something?”

How to recruit Lam in Eiyuden Chronicle: 
 Hundred Heroes  - Attempt to leave the Village
Attempt to leave the village to trigger this scene

To progress with the recruitment process, try exiting the village. You’ll then trigger another scene involving Riufan.

Afterward, return to Lam, and she will agree to join your cause.

NOTE: This has been tested on both the Steam and PS5 versions as of the start of early access on April 21, 2024.

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