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Wizard with a Gun’s Bounty of Guns Update Adds A Lot more than Guns

Galvanic Games released a massive update for Wizard with a Gun that adds new weapons, content, and more for free.

The update, affectionately dubbed Bounty of Guns, adds over 50 weapons, a new bounty system, and more to Wizard with a Gun.

We’re happy to announce that we finally did it:

We added more guns! 

The “Bounty of Guns” update is live! This is a free update to all players and will automatically be downloaded the next time you play. 
This update includes new weapons, enemies, quests and more. There is even a few new costumes you can buy to support us making this game. Overall, this our biggest update to date, and there is so much to talk about — so please keep your wands and arms inside the vehicle as we breakdown what’s inside. 

If you’re one of those wise-wizards who likes to get down to brass bullets, you can 

check out our bulleted patch notes for this update!

Bounty Hunting

Bounty of Enemies
The shatter has gotten more dangerous, and a little more crowded. If you track down a bounty you might be surprised at the difficulty of the encounter. Fret not! If you return the proof of bounty to a Bounty Mechana you’ll be rewarded with a treasure any gunsmith would be jealous of. 

Bounty of Board
These nasty new inhabitants might be causing a ruckus but there are those looking to clean it up. If you spot a board in your travels, take a peek. You might see a few marks posted for reward! Spending a little arcana will give you the right heading, and you just have to track them down and defeat them.

Bounty Mechana
Now that you have defeated a bounty mark, how do you collect? The Bounty Mechana is your ticket to a pretty new piece of kit! Simply return the proof of the dangerous criminal you have slain (or defeated by other means) and out pops a brand new gunwand! 

Disclaimer: Bounty rewards vary in quality and type — so keep collecting to increase your chances of new magic-sticks!

Mysterious Minibosses
Are you an expert arcane alchemist looking for more of a challenge? Do you wander the shatter looking for the next big mark? For the wizards who have completed the game and are looking for an extra challenge, four unique additional bosses await your encounter. Find them hiding away in each biome, and collect their bounty!

Bounty Rewards

Bounty of Guns
The titular star of the show: GUNS! If you thought that bounties would return just any Joshua number, you’re far off the mark. That’s right: over 50 new guns to gather and gawk at – Some are a bit rarer than others. Turn in your precious bounty rewards for a chance to gain any of the following beauties (and more)! 

New Gun Types 
The keen eyed gunslingers in the crowd may have noticed our new guns contain a few surprises. There are several new firing styles included in the “Bounty of Guns” update. From mortar shots that fly in beautiful arc, to charged shots that deal a large blow of damage there is something for any type of wizard. 

Gun Mount
If you are precious about your collection, feel free to show it off in your tower with a sturdy mount. You can even feature classic guns on one of these beauties. Start an entire library dedicated to your collection if you’re brave enough. 

Events Galore! 

Surprise Events
The word has spread of your bounty hunting and several inhabitants of the shatter are also after you. Keep an eye out for airships full of arcana hungry cultists, buried Mechlander hoards, hidden Vulf packs, sunken Phibb herds, or camouflaged crab flocks. 

Stunning New Style 

Furniture and Building Visuals
For the wizard with a taste for decor –we’ve breathed new life into your favorite pieces. With bubbles, sparks, and flowing water we hope that these updates will fill you with the simple delights of home. 

Twitch Extension 
With the bounty update comes an update to our twitch extension. Twitch chatters can now choose to inhabit a bounty enemy in the shatter, or even a bounty reward! Maybe your favorite chatter will become your new favorite weapon! 

Hidden Bush Costume

Shhhhhh…. did you hear that? No? Must have been the wind… 

If you’re looking to be extra quiet when hunting bounties, we’ve got the equipment for you! This dashing set can only be obtained via Twitch Drops – so hurry while they’re still available! 

Shadow Wizard Costume 
If you missed our last drops campaign; don’t worry — we’re making the “Shadow Money” costume set available to everyone (yes, everyone)! Go forth and legalize destruction bullets (or whatever you kids are doing nowadays)!

Bounty Hunter DLC Let’s take this bounty hunting thing a bit more seriously, shall we? 
If you’re looking to look professional — why don’t you pick up some DLC to show off your big-bounty-muscles? These three costume sets are available as DLC, and you can get 10% when purchased as part of the Deluxe Edition.

Thank you, Wizards! We’re always so grateful for y’all taking the time to play our game. We have been so incredibly lucky to make this for you and we appreciate everyone who has given us feedback, participated in community discussions, chatted in our discord, and liked our social media content. Your continued support and participation is what is keeping this game alive! 

Please continue to use the in-game user report button (found in any menu) to report issues or give us additional feedback. You can also keep up to date by following our twitter or joining our discord (and sometimes chat directly with us!). Please continue to let us know what you think about the game, and what can make it better in the future! 

See you cowpokes next time!

Steam Update

Those interested can snag Wizard with a Gun for $15 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC for a limited time. Finally, for those still on the fence, don’t forget to check out our review for more information.

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