Bungie Further Details Destiny 2's Onslaught Mode; Silver on Sale Next Week 34534

Bungie Further Details Destiny 2’s Onslaught Mode; Silver on Sale Next Week

This Week in Destiny focuses on the newly revealed Onslaught mode, which is included as part of Destiny 2: Into the Light, teases further announcement, and reveals a sale on Silver.

As previously revealed, Onslaught is Destiny 2‘s take on the heavily requested hoard mode. It boasts up to 50 waves, is about defending an area, and included for free with Into the Light. The original livestream can be found below, with the newly revealed overview found below.

Destiny 2: Into the Light Onslaught Overview

Slay enemies, earn resources, build defenses, and sabotage Pyramid ships. Onslaught is our new PvE wave-based defense activity where three players defend the Last City from increasingly difficult waves of the Witness’s forces for some very desirable rewards (more on those next week).


To begin Onslaught, you’ll be dropped onto a map and tasked with defending one of three possible locations. Your mission will be to defend your Advanced Defense Unit (ADU) from attacking enemy waves and make your way onto the Pyramid ship to defeat the boss onboard. If at any point your ADU is destroyed, your match will end. 

Defending each location consists of ten total waves. The first nine waves will be divided into three-wave rounds with the waves in each round ramping up in difficulty. Most of these waves will be focused on defending your ADU, but you’ll also have a chance to go on the offensive and take on the Witness’s forces on the Pyramid ship. After each round ends, you’ll get a short breather before the wave difficulty is reset and the next round begins. 

Once you’ve completed nine waves, you’ll move on to the tenth wave, where you’ll board the Pyramid ship to take on the boss. After you defeat one of many possible bosses, a chest will drop, and you can claim your well-earned rewards.


Defeating enemies will allow you to collect Scraps, which you can use to purchase and upgrade your defenses. These defensive units, such as trip mines, decoys, and turrets, will be placed around the defending area and auto-attack or take damage from incoming enemy waves. The defensive units have three levels and upgrading them will increase their effectiveness. But be careful! If your upgraded defensive unit is destroyed, it will need to be repurchased and releveled.

Building a stout defense with the appropriate upgrades is critical to ensuring your success, so spend wisely.


During your defense, be on the lookout for ADU batteries that can drop from Saboteurs and other special units. If your ADU has taken a beating, gathering the batteries will help you repair some health to your ADU and get it back in working order. You’ll also earn Scrap every time you use an ADU battery, and using a battery on an ADU with full health will earn three times the Scrap.


Throughout your defense, you’ll have the opportunity to complete bonus objectives. They often force a different style of play and at times require you to venture further into the battlefield and away from your defenses. They present a risk, but if you complete them during the wave when they activate, you will earn valuable Heavy ammo to help with your defense.


Once you’ve successfully defended your location and defeated the boss, you’ll continue the battle as you move to a new location to defend. Every ten waves, the difficulty of all the enemies will increase, similar to the way the difficulty ramps during continued runs in The Coil.

The Ritual Playlist version of Onslaught will have you battling through ten waves to defend a single location, while the standard and Legend versions will feature fifty total waves across a total of three locations. Additionally, the Legend version will have everything you’ve come to expect with the more challenging difficulty modes, including champions and weekly modifiers.


We look forward to unleashing Onslaught with Destiny 2: Into the Light. We’ll have more to share as we approach the release date, which includes details on Onslaught rewards in our next livestream. So don’t miss it!

This week in Destiny

As previously revealed, the Mar. 26 at 1 PM EST/10 AM PST Destiny 2: Into the Light livestream covers weapons, and rewards. Bungie has since clarified that BRAVE Arsenal weapons, Destiny 1 inspired armor, other rewards, and the new social space will be revealed. I haven’t seen any leaked armor, though the API revealed classic weapons like Recluse, will have their ornaments offered for Bright Dust. This strongly suggests they will return, so it will be interesting to see how that goes.

Finally, Bungie confirmed Silver will be on 20 percent from Mar. 26 through Apr. 2. This might not sound like much, but this is a way to get a small discount on the controversial Witch Queen dungeon keys. Duality, and Spire of the Watcher, are certainly worth considering. I included our overview of both for those looking for additional information.

While existing Dungeon Keys were many players first thought, reddit user ImawhaleCR explained this discount saves players approximately $14 over buying Destiny 2: The Final Shape‘s Annual Pass edition.

Final shape + annual pass: £83.99 ($99.99)

Final shape (standalone): £41.99 ($49.99)

3 episodes: 3 2 * 1500 silver

Dungeon pass: 2000 silver

A total of 6500 5000 silver is needed to buy all content, which is bought cheapest by getting the 5000(+1000) and 500 bundles 3000(+500), 1000(+100) and 500 bundles, which cost £39.99 ($49.99) and £4.49 ($4.99) £24.99 ($29.99), £8.49 ($9.99), and £4.49 ($4.99) respectively.

This comes to a normal total cost of £44.48 ($54.98) £37.97 ($44.97), but with 20% off this costs £35.58 ($43.98)£30.38 ($35.98), which saves £6.42 ($6.02) £11.62 ($14.02) when compared to the deluxe edition.

TL;DR: Save £6.42 ($6.02) £11.62 ($14.02) by buying 5000(+1000) and 500 3000(+500), 1000(+100) and 500 silver in the upcoming silver sale on the 26th of March with base final shape, and not buying final shape + annual pass

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