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Destiny 2: Into the Light Finally Adds a Hoard Mode

Bungie confirmed the highly requested hoard mode will finally appear in Destiny 2: Into the Light update.

The mode, appropriately called Onslaught, allows teams of up to three Guardians band together to hold off up to 50 waves of enemies. Beyond that, there will be multiple difficulties, with matchmaking being present for the initial 10 wave version.

Since this is the first part of three live streams, the next one will detail weapons, and likely also touch on some of the other rewards. Players expect one of the big reveals will be the return of Recluse due to the API saying ornaments from the gun will be sold via Eververse.

Finally, for those looking for a more detailed explanation of what to expect can find the notes from Rise of Bacon and Destiny reddit community below, and the stream itself above.

Destiny 2: INTO THE LIGHT Live Stream One Overview

  • Hoarde mode confirmed. Onslaught 
  • Legend difficulty confirmed 
  • Tripwires, turrets confirmed. 
  • Wave 1 to 50 mentioned 
  • No matter the difficulty, losing it all and it will fail. Defensive game mode, not offensive 
  • Will be found in the Last City
  • Witness doing all it can to stop us closing it down 
  • Shaxx is opening up his Arsenal (hear more next week) and is the vendor
  • Gameplay shown during livestream 
  • Onslaught is 3 player fireteam based. Matchmaking. (not confirmed for higher difficulties) 
  • Build crafters should be on notice
  • Fallen enemy shown.
  • Killing enemies grant scrap which can be spent on defences 
  • Shaxx’s Redjacks will be there to help 
  • Lore point is that because we assault the Witness, earth is undefended so building this is essential to defend the Last City
  • Lots of weapon information starting next week (Lots of new Lore attached) 
  • High Value Targets shown with Champions dropping materials and augments
  • Onslaught map is PvP map Midtown with new decorations
  • Defences can be upgraded to be stronger. Tripmines and Turrets. Do more damage, health, fire rate
  • Bonus objectives appear. One seen is complete wave in X amount of time. Rewards include heavy ammo crates. Bonuses scale with difficulty as you go further on
  • Playlist version of Onslaught, 10 waves. Challenge version is 5 sets of 10 waves and you move around 3 different locations around the map
  • Bosses confirmed in Challenge version (Basically after every 10 waves) 
  • One location is taking the fight to a Pyramid ship and dunking a spark like Rift
  • 10 wave version is Onslaught playlist. Quick and easy going fun
  • Upgrades increase in cost (Scrap) so choose upgrades wisely
  • Throwing batteries at main ADU gives it health. Like Black Armoury forges and rewards scrap. Don’t let enemies in the zone
  • Boss in Pyramid taking fight to the Witness
  • Has augments to help deal with bosses
  • Playlist is matchmaking / fireteam. Challenge mode normal is matchmade, legend challenge pre-made (Says needs to confirm). Fireteam Finder on hand
  • Hive shown. Hive, Fallen and Taken will be involved
  • More weapons to be revealed next week
  • Shaxx will be announcing during the mode to push us on
  • Max level for defences is 3
  • If defence is destroyed, It will need to be re-bought and levelled 
  • Scrap is player based, not Fireteam
  • 12K Scrap total to fully upgrade Turret 
  • Up to wave 20 on stream
  • Every time you clear a boss; your previous defences will remain. So if you move location they will remain at the last location but cannot be upgraded again until it’s the defence point
  • Every 10 waves you get a chest. Challenge you’ll get 2 chests. Hard mode, additional rewards and double (Some surprises along the way) 
  • Possible variants to rewards 
  • Revives – on until you progress in challenge to a certain point which will turn into darkness zone and modifiers will also be added the further you go
  • Can’t gift scrap. You can upgrade defences other players place or upgrade first
  • ‘Onslaught and chill’ will be great for catalysts, triumphs and bounties
  • Bungie challenges the community do complete legend all 50 waves solo
  • No timer. Only fail condition is to lose the defence
  • Lore wise – Weapons Shaxx has been keeping. Ones that are frowned upon in the Crucible. Revealed next week
  • Light level set to current level
  • Hung Jury came up as a reward 
  • Midnight Coup was shown to hold Firefly and Kinetic Tremors perk combination 
  • Less boss immune mechanics and more buffs to take them on 
  • Onslaught will be on multiple maps 
  • New rep rewarded called ‘Hype’ 
  • New Social Space mentioned
Destiny Reddit

Expect further details on Thursday when This Week in Destiny releases. Finally, don’t forget this is the last week to compete in the Guardian Games, and gain permanent access to the Skimmer.

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