Destiny 2 Guardian Games Now Live; Skimmer Also Available 34534

Destiny 2 Guardian Games Now Live; Skimmer Also Available

Destiny 2’s annual Guardian Games event is now live for all players, which brings a number of exciting additions to the game.

First and foremost, Bungie changed how the winning class is decided. Instead of giving each class a different weight based off a variety of factors, it’s based off the communities average. Some have expressed fears about tanking scores, and other foul play, but hopefully these will prove unfounded, and result in a fairer scoring method.

All Medallions Guardians banked in the Tower will be counted daily, and the crest of the daily winning class will be inserted into the Tower podium for everyone to keep track of their standing. In past Guardian Games, we measured class performance based on total Medallion score. Population imbalance has always been a hot issue with this scoring method, and we’ve always weighed these in the spirit of fairness. This year we’re taking a different approach. Each day, class scores will be measured by the average Medallion score of all players who’ve deposited a Medallion that day, separated by class of course. Our hope here is that this will make your contributions feel more meaningful and that the overall competition is less dependent on hard-to-understand population weighting or catch-up mechanics. 

Depending on your contributions to Guardian Games All-Stars, you’ll also earn glows and the bragging rights that come with them. These are linked to your personal and group achievements, and we have five in total: 

  • One for being the “best in Tower” Guardian. 
  • Another for being a member of the winning class of the day. 
  • A shoulder glow linked to your weekly performance in the Nightfall playlist. 
  • A second shoulder glow for your weekly performance in Supremacy and Gambit. 
  • And a bronze, silver, or gold glow with the shape of a laurel crown (depending on your class place) in the Friday coronation ceremony. 

At the end of the event, the class that wins the most days will be crowned winner, and their Class Item will change to gold until the next event, to remind everyone of their victory. Not only that, but for the whole year, members of the wininig class can also trigger some fancy fireworks in the Tower if they interact with the Guardian Games All-Stars statue! The second- and third-place classes will see their Class Items change to silver and bronze, respectively, and can still enjoy the fireworks when the winning class triggers them. This is a friendly competition after all! 

This week in Destiny
Destiny 2 Guardian Games Now Live; Skimmer Also Available  3453

This year there is also a new vehicle called a Skimmer. It works like a surfboard, and can be unlocked permanently by finishing the Drop In quest. To do this, start by completing Eva’s initial mission. This will give the base version, which can be upgraded to exotic through the aforementioned Drop In quest.

Destiny 2 Guardian Games Now Live; Skimmer Also Available  345

While it might look incredibly taxing to unlock, finishing any of the tasks will instantly complete the quest. These include getting a Medallion Score of 1,200, in the top 10 percent for Nightfall challenges, or open three Forces Activity Winner packages.

Destiny 2 Guardian Games Now Live; Skimmer Also Available  3453

Once any of the three tasks are completed it will instantly unlock the Allstar Victory Skimmer.

Bungie did not mention how the Skimmer will be unlocked following Guardian Games, so you’ll want to finish this before the event concludes. This Week in Destiny also mentioned an Eververse version that will presumably unlock it as well.


Guardians, we couldn’t be more excited to introduce a totally brand-new Exotic vehicle category for Destiny 2. Skimmers will live in the same slot as your Sparrows and can be used to do tricks, grind rails, or just stylishly skim around looking incredibly cool.  

The new Skimmer is called the Allstar Vector and will be available for everyone to earn during Guardian Games All-Stars. Just pick it up from Eva Levante after completing the onboarding quest, and if you want to keep it permanently after the event finishes (spoiler alert: you do!), complete the Drop In quest and the Allstar Vector will be yours to keep forever.  

Destiny 2 Guardian Games Now Live; Skimmer Also Available 3453

Another Skimmer, this one inspired by a beloved Destiny weapon, will be available in the in-game Eververse as well. Whichever style of Skimmer you prefer, you’ll be able to start grinding those space rails next week! 

This week in Destiny

Finally, a number of exciting additions were included in today’s update. These include free weekly Bright Dust, the previously revealed loot refresh for the Prophecy dungeon, new potential Bright Dust offerings including several of this seasons exclusive Silver items, and a wide variety of legendary weapon ornaments.

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