Best Buy Heavily Discounts EPOS Gaming Headsets 34534

Best Buy Heavily Discounts EPOS Gaming Headsets

Best Buy is clearing out their inventory of EPOS gaming headsets, which includes both H6Pro, and H3Pro Hybrid. has discounted EPOS’ H6Pro closed back headset from $179.99 to just $64.99, and EPOS’ H3Pro Hybrid to.

Players can score the Racing Green color of H6Pro for $64.99 (MSRP $179.99). While we didn’t cover the closed back version, the open back configuration in Sebring Black was among our first reviews . While I can’t comment on the closed back version, I can say the open back version easily beats anything in the $64.99 range I’ve tested.

Specification and overview of H6Pro can be found below.

The H6PRO offers the performance, control and reliability gamers demand to perform at their best. Its proprietary speakers offer unparalleled detail across the full audio spectrum for maximum accuracy and minimum listening fatigue. The lift— to—mute boom arm is long and detachable, allowing varied placement without compromising voice pick up. The headband has variable softness to ensure maximum comfort and a slider with visual indicator for reliable positioning. Memory foam ear pads provide a comfortable and superb acoustic seal while a 2—axis hinge on the ear cup ensures a perfect fit. Designed for any platform with analog wired outputs, the headset will perform optimally with binaural headphone surround sound through the EPOS Gaming Suite with sound cards such as the GSX 3OO. 

  • Closed Acoustic HeadsetThe closed-back earcups and memory foam pads create a perfect acoustic seal to minimize the intrusion of sound from the outside environment, creating an unrivalled level of power, control and detail. Gamers can focus in on the smallest audio nuances and gain a competitive edge
  • Redesigned, Detachable Microphone Boom ArmThe elegant lift—to—mute microphone is on a longer, slimmer boom arm for improved voice pick—up and a lighter aesthetic. It is attached using a brand—new magnetic coupling, with a cover plate to maintain the sleek lines.
  • Exceptional Comfort and DurabilityThe slimmer profile design improves aesthetic while reducing weight and enhancing comfort for long gaming sessions. Earcups with a 2-axis hinge to fit different head shapes with balanced pressure distribution and breathable earpads help improve overall comfort.
  • Wired Analog CompatibilityAs a high fidelity wired headset, it is ideal for competitive gaming – reliable, high performance, and widely compatible. Surround sound is supported when used with dedicated sound cards such as the EPOS GSX 300.
  • Superior Quality ComponentsThe high—quality, proprietary speaker system offers the powerful, immersive in— game audio experience the developer intended with unparalleled realism and control. The improved microphone configuration provides voice channel clarity second to none.

What’s Included

GSA 30 PC Cable, GSA 30 Console Cable, 2 x H6PRO Cover, Safety Guide, Quick start guide

Best Buy Listing

Players looking for a wireless option have H3Pro Hybrid. These come in Racing Green, plus Ghost White, and Sebring Black for $99.99 (MSRP $279.99). This was another headset we covered sometime back, this time in Racing Green, with this also being a fantastic value.

The H3PRO Hybrid headset is created for the demanding gamer that accepts no compromises in their wireless gaming needs. Cutting edge wireless technology ensures secure lag-free transmission of audio cues via dongle for instant in-game reaction. Simultaneous Bluetooth allows for pairing to a smart phone and audio mixing when gaming on wired connections while Android users can also mix their audio streams when connected via dongle. EPOS Hybrid products deliver multiple connection options. The H3PRO Hybrid offers lag-free transmission of audio cues via dongle, exchangeable USB/console cables and Bluetooth. Enhanced noise cancellation with ANC is especially handy when on-the-go while the detachable boom arm adds versatility. The EPOS Gaming Suite for PC provides more audio controls and 7.1 Surround Sound. See less…

  • Cutting-edge Wireless PerformanceDesigned for the gamer seeking premium audio to enhance their wireless gaming experience, the H3PRO Hybrid headset delivers a no-compromise audio experience with a secure lag-free connection with the low-latency dongle.
  • Long Battery LifeA single charge provides up to 30 hours of wireless gaming on the low-latency dongle, 19 hours with ANC. Up to 38 hours of audio on a Bluetooth connection, 22 hours with ANC. Up to 29 hours with the 3.5 mm cable, 18.5 hours with ANC.
  • Enhanced Noise CancellationClosed acoustic design eliminates high frequencies while a built-in ANC slider on the headset gets rid of low frequencies to reduce distractions for full immersion in the game. ANC is especially useful for constant background noise like those experienced on your commute.
  • EPOS Audio TechnologyEPOS engineered audio delivers clarity, resolution, and precision for instant in-game reaction. The deep bass response delivers the immediacy of in-game action while acoustic clarity delivers crisp intelligible chat for in-game strategy discussions.
  • EPOS Gaming SuiteEnhance your audio experience through the EPOS Gaming Suite. Get 7.1 Surround Sound, and tailor game sound and communication on your PC.
  • Smart ButtonSet the smart button in the EPOS Gaming Suite for quick control of your audio, e.g., switching between sound profiles or enabling/disabling 7.1 Surround Sound
  • Audio Mixing with BluetoothAudio mixing with simultaneous Bluetooth is possible with your wired gaming connections. With separate volume control over each stream, you can make a call or chat with your friends using a 3rd party app on your smart phone while gaming.
  • Wireless Audio Mixing with AndroidWireless audio mixing is supported with Bluetooth on Android. With separate volume control over each stream, Android users can mix two audio streams and make calls or chat with friends while gaming on the lap-free wireless dongle connection.
  • Dual Microphones and Detachable Boom ArmWith a mic in the boom arm and a secondary in the ear cup improves the noise cancellation for voice pick-up and delivery of clear conversation. The detachable boom arm adds versatility, and its magnetic connection makes for effortless removal and reattachment.
  • Instant MuteThe lift-to-mute feature gets you off the air for best in-game chat control. Lift the boom arm to mute automatically and instantly.
  • Integrated Volume Control on The Ear CupMake quick intuitive volume adjustments on the fly with a built-in volume wheel in the right ear cup of the headset. Adjust the loudness of your game audio without having to switch out of your game.
  • Lightweight Adjustable FitAdjust the lightweight headset for an optimal fit with a built-in stainless-steel slider in the headband and hinged ear cups that angle to fit any face shape. Remember your best fit with length indicators and click stops in the slider.
  • Exchangeable Ergonomic Ear PadsDesigned based on the anatomy of the ear, the ear pads are shaped to conform to the ear for a better acoustic seal and long wearing comfort. The ear pads are exchangeable and available for purchase from EPOS.
  • Multiplatform CompatibleWorks on PC, PS5, PS4 with the low-latency dongle or the USB cable. Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Macs with the 3.5 mm console cable and wirelessly with Bluetooth mobile devices.

What’s Included

H3PRO Wireless Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset with ANC, Low Latency Dongle, Cover plate for boom arm, USB-C to USB-A Cable, 3.5 mm Console Cable, Safety Guide, Quick Start Guide

Best Buy Listing

Those interested should act fast because inventory will go fast. After this there will likely not be a restock, as EPOS left the gaming space in late 2023.

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