Xbox Announces Team for Game Preservation

Xbox Announces Team for Game Preservation

Xbox is creating a team to save old video games and make them work on new systems. This team will ensure gamers can play their favorite titles on future Xbox consoles. Sarah Bond, president of Xbox, shared this news in a message to her team.

She discussed the company’s plan to bring the most significant tech advances to its next-generation hardware. This effort aims to protect the vast collection of Xbox games that future players can enjoy.

Xbox Announces Team for Game Preservation

There’s a lot of excitement about what Xbox is doing next. They are working hard on new hardware that promises to be a huge technological step. Also, Sarah Bond mentioned that Xbox would continue to support playing older games on new systems. This commitment ensures that classic games remain playable for years to come.

In addition, Xbox plans to share more details at its yearly showcase event in June. This move by Xbox shows its dedication to game preservation. It’s an important step for the gaming community. Plus, there’s buzz about Gears 6 being announced soon, adding more excitement for Xbox fans.

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